Google Ads Management

Google Ads can help drive quality, high-converting traffic to your website and build hyper-local awareness of your business. Whether you want to take advantage of Google Search, the Google Display Network or YouTube advertising, the team at Cemoh can help.

Google ads management by Cemoh
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More clicks, less cost

If you’ve been disheartened by attempts at running Google Adwords campaigns in the past, don’t despair. It’s a tricky landscape to navigate, but with our experience in Google Ads Management, Cemoh helps deliver the right campaigns to the right people.

The key goal of a Google Adwords campaign is to drive more traffic to your site, generating more chances to turn leads into sales. To do that, you need the clicks that matter.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising means you’re spending money every time someone clicks on your ad. At Cemoh, we want those clicks to be relevant and more likely to lead to sales.

That’s where our precision, targeted approach comes into play. Using data, analytics and careful planning, we can turn your Google Adwords campaign into a sales-boosting machine.

PPC advertising needs to give you bang for your buck, and that’s why ROI is at the centre of all our Google Ads management.

Powerful Google Ads management campaigns driving more sales

Let’s get one thing clear about Google Ads. It’s a powerful tool when used correctly, but can be a bottomless pit of wasted ad spend if your campaign isn’t run properly.

Cemoh delivers tailored Google Ads campaigns designed to reach buyers who are ready to make a purchase. We do this with analytics, industry knowledge and marketing know-how.

Separating serious buyers from browsers is the hardest part of PPC marketing, but our specialists can make it happen. We target motivated buyers, meaning you spend less and get more relevant clicks from your Google Ad campaign.

Using high-conversion landing pages, effective sales copy, and the right type of targeting, that’s what we deliver. A Google Ads campaign that speaks to the right customers at the right time, boosting your sales, increasing ROI, and beating your competition to the punch.

But we don’t stop there. We monitor campaign metrics so we can constantly refine our strategy to keep delivering the best results. For smart Google Ads management and campaigns backed by reliable analytics, let the Cemoh experts bring the sales to you.

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Grow your business with Cemoh Services

As Australia’s only labour hire marketing agency, we offer a broad selection of key marketing services that will help you grow, with or without a Cemoh working in your business.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes with tactics like SEO, Google Ads and so on, especially if you try to manage these complex channels yourself with little or no formal training. This doesn’t happen if you’re working with the outsourced marketing experts at Cemoh.

As well as recognised marketing services, we can help your business with more complicated projects such as web development, CRM implementation, marketing automation, web application development and rebranding.

The Cemoh team are all Australian-based, have many years of experience and provide ongoing feedback and reporting so you know you’re succeeding.

We can provide references from current clients on request.

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