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The Cemoh Marketing Podcast is a marketing, entrepreneurship and business podcast dedicated to interviewing high performing CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. 

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Most popular marketing podcast episodes

Glen Richards Podcast


Glen Richards

Simon chats with Glen Richards, Former Co-Founder of Greencross Ltd, Shark and Investor on Shark Tank Australia and Veterinary Surgeon. 

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Mike Goldman podcast


Mike Goldman

Simon chats to Mike Goldman, Australian Entertainment Royalty.

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Understanding How to Build an Online Course with Tom Libelt

Simon chats with Tom Libelt, Founder of We Market Online Courses.

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About the host

Simon Dell is co-founder and CEO of Cemoh and has over 14-years marketing experience with FMCG products and through running his own agency and consultancy.

Since 2018, Simon Dell has interviewed key business and marketing people across Australia and the world including Shark Tank’s Glen Richards, Peter Lackovic from The Entourage, Glenn Cooper, the Chairman of Coopers Brewery, TV host Jules Lund and Big Brother presenter Mike Goldman.

Simon started off his marketing career as a marketing activation manager with Lion Nathan in Brisbane, Australia, helping activate campaigns for brands such as XXXX, Tooheys and Heineken. In 2009, he launched his first full-service marketing agency TwoCents which grew to 15 people at its peak and worked with clients of all different sizes and industries.

Cemoh was created in 2020 after having gone through a couple of rebranding and repositioning exercises, and is now dedicated to supporting businesses in Australia with the best marketing staff to help them grow. Find out more about Cemoh below.


All things marketing, advertising, tech & business

Richard Hammond headshot


How to Get The Best Out of Your Retail Business with Richard Hammond

Ever wondered why does a customer choose one retailer instead of other? In this week’s episode, Simon chats with Richard Hammond, founder & CEO of UnCrowd, who has devised a solution that helps retailers get the best business by answering this particular question.

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Jaclyn Curtis


How to Generate Leads For Your Business with Jaclyn Curtis

Being able to generate leads for your business is key to growing your business, but how do you generate leads? In this episode, Simon chats with Jaclyn Curtis, COO of Bant.io, a B2B lead generation solution, who has developed a solution that will help you generate leads and grow your business.

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Phil West Podcast Guest


The Story of Siren Cameras with Phil West

Ever wonder what happens at the end of the fishing rod once it’s launched into the ocean? Simon talks with Phil West, the co-founder of Siren Cameras, about his amazing story of creative innovation and developing a product for a market that not many people had insight on. Listen in to learn about Phil and his partner’s journey to get their product to market.

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Paula Thomas on how to keep your customer loyal


How to Keep Your Customers Loyal with Paula Thomas

This week we talk about all things loyalty marketing, how to kept your customer loyal, how to keep them coming back and most importantly, how to keep them spending with you. Joined by fellow podcast host and loyalty marketing expert Paula Thomas. Simon and Paula give you everything you need to know on how to keep your customers loyal.

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Mark Mcginley headshot


How Ecommerce Growth Has Impacted the Courier Business with Mark McGinley

The growth of e-commerce has brought significant opportunities to retailers, as most of us would have shifted from in-store to online channels. But what does that mean for the people responsible for getting our packages from the retailers to our homes? In this week’s episode, Simon talks with Mark Mcginley, CEO of Couriers Please, who gives some insight into the business of couriers and how new shopping habits have impacted the couriers business.

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Brad Smith Headshot

PODCAST EP Getting Content to Work For Your Business, Not Against it with Brad Smith

Cemoh114: Getting Content to Work For Your Business, Not Against it with Brad Smith

It’s all about content! How often do we hear that as marketers, but do we really know what that looks like in practice? Is it about volume, keyword research, backlinks or quality? Simon talks with the CEO of Codeless & Wordable, Brad Smith, who is all about content, the creation, production and optimisation. Giving his insights on the do’s and don’t when creating content. How best to use your content to work for your business and not against it. Brad also takes us through what makes up good content, what to avoid when creating content and how to use content to boost your ROI.

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