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The Most Important PPC Lessons When Setting Up Your Campaign

November 3, 2017 , 2 minutes
important ppc lessons

There are some very important PPC lessons you should remember when setting up your campaigns, and one of the most basic things to get right is to make sure your advert landing page matches the advert.

But sometimes, even big brands make mistakes. This was an advert I saw the other day.

ppc lessons

The advert was for one of my favourite brands – Onitsuka Tiger – a very recognised sneaker brand with a large fashionable following across the world. Nothing really a problem with the ad. Clear product shot; lots of likes; call-to-action – all good in that area.

The problem occurs when you actually click the ‘shop now’ call-to-action on your mobile.

mens shoes

This is the page you see on the Tiger Onitsuka website – a category result showing ‘0 products found’.

What should have happened?

The best result when I clicked on the advert should have been a product page where both sneakers viewed in the advert were available to buy, preferably with an easy, one-click checkout. The next best result would have been a category page of all of the shoes in this style and look.

Finally, the worst best result would have been the front page of website. This really is a last resort – the front page is never the best place to send a click because then it forces the buyer to go looking for what they’ve previously just seen in the advert.

However, instead of those options, we get a confused buyer (me!) who instantly shuts the page down and gets back to the work they should have been doing in the first place before they got distracted with Instagram! Maybe it was trying to teach me a lesson?

Fortunately, these sort of PPC lessons is a quick fix so I’m hoping whoever is running the Tiger account got the message I posed on their account.