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eCommerce website design


7 Tips For Effective Ecommerce Website Design To Attract More Customers

September 20, 2021

Did you know that the total retail eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to over USD $4 trillion, with this figure set to eclipse USD $6 trillion by 2024? Did you know that Australia ranks tenth for eCommerce website sales worldwide? Did you know that eCommerce sales account for over 18% of retail sales worldwide, with this figure set to rise to over […]

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digital marketing strategy


What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy and 10 Reasons Why You Need One

September 13, 2021

If you’re reading this, you’re either one of two people; someone who is a start-up with a new product/service that they want to bring to market or someone who has an existing product/service that is struggling to gain market momentum. Either way, you’ve both come to the right place! One of the fundamental mistakes that we have […]

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Cemoh $799+gst Video Offer

August 18, 2021

Our promotional offer for August and September is available for companies wanting to produce a 60-second promotional video for their business. Below are four examples from existing clients. These examples are longer than 60-seconds with much long filming times and production support but they will give you a good indication of the quality of the […]

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Latest from our marketing podcast

Brad Smith Headshot

PODCAST EP Getting Content to Work For Your Business, Not Against it with Brad Smith

Cemoh114: Getting Content to Work For Your Business, Not Against it with Brad Smith

It’s all about content! How often do we hear that as marketers, but do we really know what that looks like in practice? Is it about volume, keyword research, backlinks or quality? Simon talks with the CEO of Codeless & Wordable, Brad Smith, who is all about content, the creation, production and optimisation. Giving his insights on the do’s and don’t when creating content. How best to use your content to work for your business and not against it. Brad also takes us through what makes up good content, what to avoid when creating content and how to use content to boost your ROI.

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Mark Mcginley headshot


How Ecommerce Growth Has Impacted the Courier Business with Mark McGinley

The growth of e-commerce has brought significant opportunities to retailers, as most of us would have shifted from in-store to online channels. But what does that mean for the people responsible for getting our packages from the retailers to our homes? In this week’s episode, Simon talks with Mark Mcginley, CEO of Couriers Please, who gives some insight into the business of couriers and how new shopping habits have impacted the couriers business.

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Paula Thomas on how to keep your customer loyal


How to Keep Your Customers Loyal with Paula Thomas

This week we talk about all things loyalty marketing, how to kept your customer loyal, how to keep them coming back and most importantly, how to keep them spending with you. Joined by fellow podcast host and loyalty marketing expert Paula Thomas. Simon and Paula give you everything you need to know on how to keep your customers loyal.

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Latest case studies

Great Aussie Sweet Company Case Study

Great Aussie Sweet Company Covid-19 Response

We built an e-commerce store and a powerful marketing automation platform to help The Great Aussie Sweet Company thrive during the pandemic.

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Story Bridge Adventure Climb

From #70 to #2 on Trip Advisor in 6 Months

Here’s how one simple email helped a client improve their Trip Advisor ranking.

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10x Increase in B2B Leads at DoseMe

DoseMeRx outsourced their digital marketing to Cemoh and achieved a 10x increase in B2B SaaS leads.

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Google Analytics

How to Give an Agency Access to Google Analytics

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How to Give an Agency Access to ActiveCampaign


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