Inspire Your Leads to Take Action

Good copy sells—whether it’s advertising copy, website content, simple calls-to-action, promotional headlines or high quality blogs. The right words can make customers and clients buy.

If you need an expert freelance copywriter, search our Cemohs below and they could be starting in your business next week.

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Cemoh Copywriters

What is a Copywriter?

Our Cemoh freelance copywriters are the drivers behind your content, making sure the right words are used in the right place to deliver the right results.

Many have experience in creative writing, marketing and journalism. They use carefully selected language to inspire customers and ensure your websites rank highly in search engines.

Copywriters are capable of working on their own, alongside senior management or inside an existing marketing team that needs extra support.

How can a Freelance Copywriter help your business?

  • Website copy
  • Blogs
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Technical documents
  • Direct response copy
  • Landing pages
  • Advertising copy
  • Annual reports
  • Enewsletters
  • SEO & Backlinking

Cemoh Copywriters

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Darrin R

  •   Copywriter

    Darrin has 20 years of experience as a copywriter, digital content producer, and editor.

  • Industries

    Finance, Real Estate, Technology

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Samantha K

  •   Copywriter

    Samantha has been working as a freelance copy and editorial writer for over 50 clients across disparate industries.

  • Industries

    Fashion, Real Estate, Tourism & Travel

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Brooke B

  •   Copywriter

    Creating engaging, genuine, and on-brand copy is the perfect companion to a strong strategy and something Brooke has much experience with.

  • Industries

    Beauty, Construction, Retail

Zoe Taylor

Zoe T

  •   Copywriter

    Zoe is an experienced creative copywriter, social media and marketing manager. She is adept at understanding a brief to deliver successful outcomes.

  • Industries

    Education, Fashion, Hospitality

Sophie Barrington

Sophie B

  •   Copywriter

    Sophie is one of Australia’s leading specialist copywriters & strategic marketing consultants for the equestrian, horse racing, & animal health.

  • Industries


James Desilets Cemoh

James D

  •   Copywriter

    A creative copywriter with a passion for sustainability, James can add flair to any copy – from corporate website copy to technical brochures.

  • Industries

    Finance, FMCG, Health

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