Become a Cemoh

Working as a Cemoh merges the flexibility of being a mobile consultant with the capacity to earn a healthy income and being part of a larger, networked team.

We have Cemohs working at all levels, from fresh out of university through to senior marketers with over twenty years experience. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Cemoh, please apply via our talent centre.

Become a cemoh

What is a Cemoh?

Cemoh is an expansion of the phonetic version of CMO, ‘Chief Marketing Officer’.

There are four kinds of Cemohs – Starters, Achievers, Strategists and Directors.

Cemoh Strategists have been in marketing positions such as consultant, directors, CMO and other senior roles. All our Cemoh Strategists have at least ten years’ marketing experience.

Our Cemoh Achievers are highly experienced marketing activators who have a minimum of 3 years’ marketing experience.

They are specialised in executing tactical marketing activities including: social media schedules, content management, PPC campaigns and the like.

Each Cemoh will be placed with companies based on experience, work availability and the customer’s requirements. Some Cemohs may work for a number of companies while others work for one company alone.

What are the benefits of joining our network of Cemohs?

Being part of the Cemoh network means you have access to lots of smart marketing people all around Australia who can support you with the ongoing management of clients.

As a Cemoh you’ll be able to get the following benefits:

  • Ongoing training in the latest marketing techniques
  • A proven structure and process for helping client achieve their goals
  • Cemoh Slack channels for idea discussion and generation
  • Social events
  • Weekly Cemoh Cuddle (via Zoom) where we check on each other’s personal wellness
  • Access to additional client services

If you’d like to be part of our network, please fill in your application form now and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.