shopify vs wordpress

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WordPress or Shopify? We help you to choose the platform suited to your business.

March 1, 2023

In this article, we compare WordPress and Shopify, and discuss the benefits of each platform and which platform is best suited to your industry.

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Marketing Consultant

Business, Marketing, News

How to Hire a Marketing Consultant

February 14, 2023

Hiring marketing consultants to support the growth of your business can be a challenging task. Here's a step by step guid to help you find the best consultant.

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Martech Stack

Marketing, MarTech

MarTech! How Does Yours Stack Up?

October 11, 2022

A Martech stack, short for marketing technology stack. How does yours stack up?

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Create Scope Documents in 5 Easy Steps

February 15, 2022

We’ve gathered Cemoh’s very own lead strategists to share their tips in this no-nonsense guide for marketers of all experience levels. We’ll go over the purpose of a website and the traits of a great website to begin producing a scope document. Above all, writing a website scope document allows you to learn a lot […]

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Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation

5 Reasons Why E-Mail Marketing is Important

February 4, 2022

Despite the strong urge for brands to embrace new software and tech, e-mail remains the top mode for one-to-one communication. That means you already have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips! Read on to learn all the great features you may not know about e-mail marketing  1.       Useful for B2B and B2C While social […]

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5 Things Gen Z Aussies Love to Buy

January 19, 2022

By 2030 Generation Z and Millennials will account for 48% of retail spending in Australia. Young shoppers are well-informed and looking to balance affordability and quality. Social media trends are the name of the game for Gen Z. Product novelty matters to them more than brand names. Many businesses market their products through social media […]

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