Lessons By Leaders

Lessons By Leaders #3

September 9, 2019 , 3 minutes

The New Podcasts

There are four new podcasts you need to check out. All of them are available on iTunes and Spotify, or you can stream them on our website. The links for each one are below.

First, Glen Richards – founder of Green Cross Vets and of course, one of the sharks from Channel 10’s Shark Tank. Did you know the whole Green Cross empire was founded during a long train journey across Russia and fuelled by a lot of vodka? 

Second is Conor Hagan, found of start-up Explorate. He’s got a great story about the time he had to ship a shark. That’s a real shark. Not Glen Richards.

If you ever wanted to understand what the hell a ‘marketing funnel’ is, then you need to listen to Zane Bacic. He gives you the lowdown, plus a lot more funnel advice for your business.

Finally, is Isabella Villani who wrote a great book I read recently ‘Transform Customer Experience’. Whatever business you’re in, you need to get your head around customer experience. I recommend listening to this one, and buying the book too.

Books We’ve Read

Shoe Dog

It’s never just business. It never will be. If it ever does become just business, that will mean that business is very bad.

Phil Knight

Look, you all know who Nike is. ‘Shoe Dog’ is the story of how they came to be, as told by Phil Knight, the original founder. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been written in dozens of Amazon reviews but it’s a mesmerizing story that makes you realise that even the biggest brands had to come from a very small place and that the whole thing could have collapsed at any time in his first ten or so years. 

Totally recommend to anyone interested in building a brand.

Articles We’ve Read

‘What the **** is shadowbanning on Instagram?’ I asked myself a few weeks back. So I went and found out. And then wrote a blog about it. (Paper Planes)

You know those really, really, really long Facebook Ads with copy that looks like it goes on forever and ever? Yep. Ever wondered if they work? Well, wonder no more. (Paper Planes)

Apparently, you’re happier if you win a bronze medal than if you win a silver medal. (Curiosity)

Drones are an important part of marketing these days. You can also race them around abandoned factories in France. (YouTube)

Ever wanted to watch a goldfish drive a car? Ha. We can do better than that. (Twitter)

Kind regards,

Simon and Matt