Lessons By Leaders

Lessons By Leaders #2

July 22, 2019 , 3 minutes
transform customer experience

Welcome to the second edition of Lessons by Leaders.  

We celebrated our podcast receiving 10,000 listens a few weeks ago, and we’re about to tick over to 70 episodes with the upcoming interview with Shark Tank’s Glen Richards. It’s a great listen so keep an eye out for that. 

The Podcast

Sean Buckley, Ultra Tune

Before we get to Glen Richards, we have a great interview with Sean Buckley, the sometimes controversial boss of $250 million franchise company Ultra Tune. For those that know the brand, they’ll also know that Ultra Tune’s TV ads are often the most complained about on TV, a fact that Sean often celebrates.

If you’ve never seen them, then check them out here, here and check out a bit of nostalgia with this one. We’ve also had great interviews with Mike Doyle, the head of creative from City Beach and Adam Schwab from Luxury Escapes, a website my wife spends far too much time on. They’re both definitely worth checking out. All our podcasts are available on iTunes and Spotify of you can stream them on our website. 

Books We’ve Read:

Transform Customer Experience

I finished off the informative Transform Customer Experience by Isabelle Villani which is a superb read if you’re looking to transform your own engagement with customers. It goes into a lot of detail about the why, the what and the how of customer experience and also looks at the best metrics for success. Isabella is also due on my podcast in a few weeks too.  I also finally rolled out my first novella (it was 36,000 words and you can only call a novel a ‘novel’ if it’s over 40,000 words apparently) which is available to buy from Amazon.com.

For those interested in a speculative fiction black comedy, then you buy it now for just US$4. The thing that really impressed me was the Amazon software that runs the Print On Demand service. It actually picked up two spelling mistakes that had been missed by dozens of other readers and also questioned the use of a phrase structure that I hadn’t even considered. Truly advanced AI there.

Articles We’ve Read

 If you think that once you’ve written a blog, that’s the end of it. Think again. Click here to read the steps you need to take to optimise your blogs properly. 

Everyone is talking about voice SEO. So we put together a 101 guide here

The pain of finding an available domain for your business is real. So, so real. But then this guy does it the other way around: finds the domain and then build a business on it. Fascinating. 

50 Years On: the moon landing hoax idea started as a joke

How to build a community around your brand.

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