2018 Success

December 19, 2018 , 3 minutes
2018 success

Whilst the (now Fly Paper Planes) brand has existed with just me at the helm since mid-2016, we’ve only really been in business together as Simon and Matt since May 2018. With that in mind, we wanted to celebrate some of the wins we’ve had this year and so we put them together in this blog post.

“We’ve pretty much doubled our business since we started with you.”

I loved this one. Clear and to the point from a client whose business had been flat for the preceding year. This took six months.

“We used to have 5 or 6 people trialling our products; now we have hundreds.”

This client had lots of interest but they made it hard for potential clients to engage with the end product. We helped them improve the route to the ‘Ah-ha’ moment. This result came after about six months too.

“We were tracking down year on year in August; now in November we’re 50% up.”

Sales weren’t great for this brand last year until we started in August. From decline to growth in just four months.

“We had to turn our ads off because we had too many bookings.”

Sometimes it goes well right from day one. This was the message from the client after FIVE days.

“We have been working with Simon for the past few months and he has been instrumental in effecting positive change in our business.”

These guys made NO profit in F18 and were steeped in debt. They’ve now made $40,000 profit in F19, cleared all their credit cards and are on target to make $120,000 by the end of the financial year. Again, that took just six months.

“Everyone’s raving about the CRM you implemented.”

Before, everything was being done in Excel spreadsheets. Now, this. All done in about three months.

“Set-up a deal for a small QLD company to trial a partnership with an ASX 150-listed company.”

Not so much a quote, more of a fact. It isn’t every day that small businesses get to pitch to ASX-150 listed companies and GET THE DEAL. But they did in 2018.

“50 podcasts recorded.”

I really enjoy recording our marketing podcasts and this year we’ve just scraped in at fifty episodes. The sweary Spin Cycle ones are still my favourite.

“Ran our first SOLD OUT digital marketing event for 40 people.”

This was fun and we got some really positive feedback from the attendees with some good feedback. Could probably have been longer with more content too. Looking forward to doing more these in 2019.

“Across all our clients, organic Google traffic is up 155% year on year.”

A key part of our business is SEO and this is a great indicator that in just six months, we’ve got everyone moving in the right direction. We refined our process and onboarding for SEO too this year with a much better team working behind us.

“Matt bought a brand new Mercedes.”

And it’s pretty nice. Although he needs a personalised number plate.

“Simon welcomed his second son.”

And it has been pointed out he looks like a little baby Vladimir Putin. Is there a new website coming soon?

It’s been a big year with some changes in how we operate in our business, most notably that there’s now two of us to keep busy. But 2019 is looking hugely positive. Big or small, our key is to be working with clients who want to grow, are prepared to invest in that growth and are fun to work with.

If you’d like to chat about 2019, drop us a line on [email protected].