Cemoh is Proud to be a 5-Star Top Digital Marketing Partner!

November 18, 2020 , 3 minutes
5 stars

Here at Cemoh, we know effective marketing can be a burden on any new business trying to bounce back from a weak financial quarter. That’s where we can help out! We deliver the best outsourced marketing strategists, consultants, and implementation experts to help our clients shine. No matter what size, industry, or budget, we’ve got your back with a results-driven strategy. We strongly believe all businesses should have access to the best marketing advice that will help you attain more wins and become a better, more established, company for the future. 

Digital Marketing Success

In light of our success and impact, we’ve been listed as a top digital marketing partner by The Manifest, a business data and company listings site. Their platform highlights top agencies and firms and compares the performance of their latest projects to industry standards. Their work helps interested parties select the right vendor to fill their latest needs. 

Cemoh is proud to be a 5-Star Top Digital Marketing Partner!
Our reviews on Clutch

On top of The Manifest, we’ve also earned high praise from our clients on Clutch, a verified B2B ratings and reviews platform. As part of their process, clients leave feedback for their vendors in 15-minute call blocks, where they answer questions about quality, attention to project timelines, customer service, pricing, and overall ability to drive results. Then that transcript is edited lightly and published by the Clutch team. Take a look at some of the kind words one of our clients had to share in a recent review:

“We have grown our leads more than 300% since we started with Cemoh. A full customer lifecycle nurturing program was developed, along with multiple campaigns and content marketing launches that have helped drive our growth and market share in the healthcare space. They are dedicated to making sure we achieve our business goals and report on the data. They don’t hide behind presentations but instead really focus on what matters and delivering value.”   – Director of Marketing & Communication, Healthcare Solution

Feedback means the world to us at Cemoh. It helps us improve our work and holds us accountable for things that didn’t go as planned. We especially appreciate feedback in the form of Clutch reviews because of how thorough each one is. 

It’s easy to pinpoint areas of growth and improvement after seeing information in a free, detailed, case-study format. It also helps us earn new prospective clients. They can see first-hand from an objective resource how well we’d perform on a certain project by checking out our previous reviews.