Why Hiring Someone in Marketing May Be Your Best Move for Growth

December 15, 2020 , 3 minutes
Why Hiring Someone in Marketing May Be Your Best Move for Growth

If you run a small to medium business, you probably know the importance of marketing. You’ve also probably realised your business could grow much quicker if you could get on top of your marketing.

But where to start?

You know your business, but marketing can still seem so difficult and time-consuming. It can also be an extremely frustrating process if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Here are a few reasons why hiring someone in marketing can help your business growth.

Planned Marketing is More Effective

If you’ve tried your hand at some online marketing methods without much success, you’ll know exactly what we mean here. It’s easy to become disillusioned with methods like pay-per-click advertising on social media if you don’t see immediate results.

But the fact is, you can achieve results with any kind of online marketing, but it needs to be a targeted campaign. Often, this involves using multiple channels at once. 

It can also be costly if you don’t have a clear, targeted marketing plan in place. This is where a marketing professional can help drive a tailored campaign to ensure you’re getting value for your marketing dollars.

Why Hiring Someone in Marketing May Be Your Best Move for Growth Cemoh
Planned marketing is effective to achieve results

Lead Generation and Driving Traffic to Your Website

One of the key steps in any marketing campaign is generating leads. This usually refers to the process of driving traffic to your website, landing pages, or product search results.

There is a multitude of ways you can do this, but a marketing professional will usually be better placed to analyse your market, the competition, and find the most cost-effective lead generation methods for your business.

Some ways to do this are through PPC advertising, social media giveaways, using quality SEO content to rank well on search results plus many more. 

Turn Leads into Sales

Getting leads is one thing, but how do you turn those leads into sales and profit for your business?

The reality is, not everybody who clicks through to your website is going to end up as a customer. But the key is to increase the percentage of people visiting your page who make purchases.

That’s where a digital marketing specialist comes in. It’s not enough to just hope users will love your products – you also need to manage their customer experience after they click on your ad.

Why Hiring Someone in Marketing May Be Your Best Move for Growth Cemoh
Managing user experience is important to turn leads into sales

Business Intelligence Data and Marketing Automation

When working with digital marketing campaigns, not everything works. Often, it is necessary to run concurrent campaigns to determine which works best.

This is where a team of digital marketing professionals can analyse the success of your campaigns and provide valuable insight into your customer’s online habits.

Why Hiring Someone in Marketing May Be Your Best Move for Growth Cemoh
Gathering and understanding data is crucial to build effective marketing campaigns

Not only does this help reduce future marketing costs by tailoring your efforts and increase conversion rate, but professional digital marketers can also begin to automate your marketing efforts which save time and money. 

Need Help Optimising Your Facebook Ads?

If you need help getting your marketing up and running, you’ve come to the right place.

Cemoh work closely to understand your business and develop a marketing plan that works for you. From marketing automation, lead generation, web development through to PPC (pay-per-click ads), we can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today and see how we can help you!