Web Development

Web Development doesn’t need to be a complicated or painful process. Whether you’re building an information-focused small business website, or an international Ecommerce website, we can build in WordPress, Magento or Shopify.

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Make your website work for you

In today’s digital world, a website is one of your most valuable commodities. More than just an information centre, your website should act as a full-blown sales machine. At Cemoh, we’re committed to understanding your needs to develop a website that truly works for you. From eCommerce to professional services, an expertly designed website can become the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

During development, we consider everything. We work to understand your business, your industry, the local and global markets you work in, and your specific business goals. With stringent testing procedures, we ensure delivery of a website that does exactly what it should – help you generate revenue.

Communication and collaboration

Our development process is extremely thorough, but rests on two key pillars. Collaboration and communication. We rely on data and market analytics to inform many of our decisions, but nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why we want you to be informed and included every step of the way.

From the aesthetic design through to the all important website content, we value your contribution and work cohesively towards your goals.

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The right platform for your needs

Here at Cemoh, we’re completely platform-agnostic. We don’t favour one development platform over others, because every business has different needs. For example, a full eCommerce store will have a different development process to the website for a local restaurant. We consult with you and make decisions on what’s truly best for you.

We have developers skilled in all platforms, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify and a range of other CMS platforms. All have pros and cons, and we’ll guide you through the decision-making process with advice you can trust. 

Your website is important, and you can count on us to deliver a product that works for you 24/7.

Grow your business with Cemoh Services

As Australia’s only labour hire marketing agency, we offer a broad selection of key marketing services that will help you grow, with or without a Cemoh working in your business.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes with tactics like SEO, Google Ads and so on, especially if you try to manage these complex channels yourself with little or no formal training. This doesn’t happen if you’re working with Cemoh vetted marketing consultants.

As well as recognised marketing services, we can help your business with more complicated projects such as web development, CRM implementation, marketing automation, web application development and rebranding.

The Cemoh team are all Australian-based, have many years of experience and provide ongoing feedback and reporting so you know you’re succeeding.

We can provide references from current clients on request.

Great Brands Hire Marketing Consultants Through Cemoh

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