Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to remove the repetitive manual actions in your digital marketing strategy and replace them with smart software dedicated to growing sales and maximising customer engagement. We work with various platforms such as Active Campaign, Hubspot, Pardot and more.

Cemoh Marketing Automation
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Save time, save money, increase results

Marketing automation is the process of attracting leads, converting them into paying customers and building loyalty over time with limited manual intervention.

Some businesses spend hours of staff resources every day trying to keep up with marketing tasks that can be performed more efficiently with the right technology.

By conducting thorough work upfront to understand your business, your customers, and how best to reach them, we can integrate marketing automation into your daily business. Not only does it give you back hours of time, it saves you money, reduces the risk of human error, and delivers measurable results.

Different types of marketing automation

There are so many marketing tasks that can be automated, but it’s important to understand the different characteristics of customers in B2B and B2C environments. We’ve got the expertise to implement the right automation for your business.

B2C examples include abandoned cart reminders and offers, birthday offer promotions, welcome popups and first purchase campaigns, tagging people based on products browsed for remarketing, adding visitors to remarketing audiences based on their purchase lifecycle and exit-intent popups as a last ditch attempt to capture contact details.

B2B examples include prospect and lead scoring, tagging prospects by the products they are interested in, segmenting lists based on customer lifecycle, tailoring newsletter and web content based on prospect interests (e.g. changing website copy dynamically), sales automation (e.g. notify the sales team when users exhibit likely purchasing behaviour), user onboarding, customer support, and live chat for sales teams.

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The best marketing automation tools

All businesses have different marketing automation needs, and we can provide a range of different options. All marketing automation platforms and tools have strengths and weaknesses, so our experts will tailor a solution based on your individual goals.

We’ve helped some of Australia’s best startups and eCommerce stores with the following platforms:

  • Drip
  • Autopilot
  • Intercom
  • Pardot
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign

There’s plenty of other options in the market, and we’ll explore them all to deliver the best results for you.

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