Lead Generation

Lead generation sits right at the top of the marketing funnel and focuses on finding customer and clients that are ready to buy right now. Using different channels from digital through to cold calls, we can grow revenue quickly.

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Generating more than just visits

When we talk about lead generation, it’s much more than simple SEO. SEO techniques are great for getting more visitors to your site. However, high search engine rankings and increased site visits are only the first part of a quality lead generation strategy. For us at Cemoh, ‘strategy’ is the key word.

Many simple SEO techniques can deliver a heap of traffic to your site, but it doesn’t always result in increased sales. Your goals are to earn more revenue, so if these visitors aren’t making a purchase or following your calls to action, you’re not getting a valuable ROI.

We go further than the SEO basics. Lead generation is about analytics, understanding your market, and attracting the right kind of leads. The people who are ready and motivated to buy. Browsers are great, but our goal is to deliver customers with a much higher likelihood of conversion.

Lead generation to boost your profits

When you hire expert marketers, you want to see more than just an increase in website traffic. You’re making an investment, and you want to see a return. That’s why our approach is more far-reaching. 

Firstly, we work to understand your target audience. Who they are, what they want, and what motivates them to buy. This informs our lead generation strategy to attract potential leads who can be more easily encouraged through the sales funnel. Your goals and offers won’t be the same as your competitors, and that’s why we don’t use generic strategies. We work for you, and our lead generation plans are tailored to your needs.

We also look carefully at the entire sales funnel. Attracting motivated leads is great, but your website needs to keep encouraging customers to take action. We’ll analyse everything when formulating our strategy.

Let our experts develop, implement and monitor your lead generation strategy. We’ll constantly refine the strategy in accordance with your goals, and deliver real value to your business.

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Grow your business with Cemoh Services

As Australia’s only labour hire marketing agency, we offer a broad selection of key marketing services that will help you grow, with or without a Cemoh working in your business.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes with tactics like SEO, Google Ads and so on, especially if you try to manage these complex channels yourself with little or no formal training. This doesn’t happen if you’re working with Cemoh vetted marketing consultants.

As well as recognised marketing services, we can help your business with more complicated projects such as web development, CRM implementation, marketing automation, web application development and rebranding.

The Cemoh team are all Australian-based, have many years of experience and provide ongoing feedback and reporting so you know you’re succeeding.

We can provide references from current clients on request.

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