Meet Cloutly: the Review Management tool you wish you’d heard about

November 18, 2020 , 3 minutes
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Let’s face it, your online reputation is everything. Whether it’s a place to eat, a place to shop or a person to trust, 93% of consumers turn to review sites like Google, Facebook, TrustPilot and Yelp before they make a decision.

By nature, we’re sceptical. We’re also spoiled for choice. It’s this psychological recipe that ensures only the most highly-reviewed and highly-praised businesses rise to the top and reap the rewards.

So as marketers and business owners, how can we take back control of our reputations and get people talking about us, instead of our competitors?

Review management made easy with Cloutly.

Recently, we discovered Cloutly, an Australian-based reputation management platform. It’s an all-in-one review management tool built for marketers and business owners in competitive industries, where trust and experience matter to your customers.

Cloutly helps you collect, respond to and leverage customer reviews from Google, Facebook and other review sites, all from the one dashboard.

Google reviews - cloutly

See all your reviews in the one place.

Managing multiple locations or businesses is a headache. Even more so, when your online reviews are spread out across multiple review sites.

Cloutly brings all your reviews into the one dashboard, so you won’t ever miss a customer review again, and so you don’t have to keep logging in and logging out of every review site, for every location (let’s be honest, who has time for that?)

Google ratings - cloutly

Get more reviews, anywhere.

Invite your customers to review you anywhere by sending Review Invites – branded with your logo and message – by email or SMS. You can get reviews on Google, Facebook, or any other review site you choose, with the click of a button. Even better? Cloutly can protect you from negative reviews.

Google review branded with logo and message

Protect yourself from bad reviews.

Negative reviews can hurt. Sometimes, they’re written unfairly, untruthfully or even unjustly by your competitors. Asking every customer to review you online can inadvertently open the door to negative reviews from unhappy clients, and while their problems might be easily remedied, their bad reviews often can’t be.

With Cloutly’s Negative Review Shield, you won’t ever lose sleep over negative reviews again. When enabled, this optional feature determines whether or not your customer had a good experience, or a bad one, and routes that feedback through separate channels.

If a customer rates you positively after receiving a review request, Cloutly prompts them to publish their review on your chosen review site (like Google or Facebook). If a customer rates you negatively, Cloutly instead asks them for their feedback – privately – so that you can respond and make amends, without their negative review surfacing online.

As a result, you’ll get more 5 star reviews from happy customers, and also get a second chance to make things right with unhappy customers before they burn you online.

5 star review

Display social proof on your site.

Improve your conversion rate and bust friction on your website by creating a dynamic review widgets. When using Cloutly’s widgets, your visitors will actively see other people’s reviews and experiences with your business. This builds trust and greatly improves the chances that a browsing visitor will become a paying customer.

Why we love Cloutly

  • Gives you a birds-eye-view of all your review sites
  • Lets you get new reviews anywhere
  • Respond to Google + Facebook reviews from the one dashboard
  • Create social-proof widgets for your website using real, live reviews

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any experience using Cloutly and let us know your thoughts.