Promotional Videos

Don’t just tell your brand story – show it!

Cemoh’s video production team specialises in creating promotional videos that tell your brand story. Our videos will help elevate your marketing to bring attention to the brand, drive more traffic and increase sales.

Here are some examples of promotional videos we’ve produced for clients.

New Farm Confectionery

New Farm Confectionery is a sweet wonderland renowned for its creation of gourmet, elegant and contemporary take on classic confectionery and chocolate that is all handcrafted with the adult treat-lover in mind.

We wanted to create a video that told the story of how it all began and empathised with the elegance and creativity that is so ingrained in the brand.

As New Farm Confectionery come from humble home kitchen origins, we used simple lighting and edits in the video that would reflect a humble but elegant brand.

Cool Beans Underwear

Cool Beans Underwear is an innovative startup focused on improving men’s fertility without expensive treatments, invasive procedures or embarrassing conversations.

This video is a prime example of how we showcase a brand’s story. This video was all about the story, a story that is personal, heartbreaking and powerful.

To help this story resonate with the audience, we created a simple interview-style video. Then, we overlaid this with behind the scene footage, which created a naturalistic and relaxed look. All of this allowed the story to sing and connect with the audience.

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