Food Delivery Service Grows Orders 200%

muscle diets increase sales 200%

Who are they?

An online food delivery service focusing on high protein and healthy meals, currently servicing the inner suburbs of Sydney and Woolloongong.

What was the problem?

The client had static growth. Despite heavily investing in PPC through both Google Ads and Facebook, there had been little growth. They were stuck at around 45 orders per week. Throwing more money at the problem wasn’t helping and their costs for management of that traffic was high.

What did we do?

There were four steps we instigated.

  1. We re-created all their Google Ads campaigns from the ground up and implemented remarketing too. We tested a lot of different ideas for campaigns – for example, one variation that we figured would convert well, simply didn’t get any traction. We even tested using a competitor’s brand name and found we actually took orders from them! Win!
  2. We also recreated the Facebook advertising, using better audience targeting and re-targeting. This market has a very specific look and feel and we were simply wasting money advertising to anyone outside of it. The geographic focus is Sydney, so there’s plenty of our target market in that space that we’re not going to run out of people to advertise too
  3. We started using the database of 1,200 customers to send e-newsletters with special offers for lapsed users.
  4. We also created a short 15-second promotional video. And rather than the client spending a fortune on recording new material, we pieced together the video using existing product images and content from their Instagram fans. A professional voiceover was recorded too.

What were the results?

Muscle Diets Growth

The website was tracking between the 35 to 45 orders per week at the beginning of the year and then died down to around 30 in June. Sure, there could have been some seasonal issues around the June time, it being the middle of winter and no-one really concerned about their beach body but still, dropping to 30 orders for such a small business isn’t great, especially for cash flow.

In the week commencing November 18th, they saw 86 orders through their system and the first full week into the New Year, 90 – 200% growth. The second week in January saw a record revenue for the client.

What’s next?

There are opportunities for SEO, marketing automation and creating better and more frequent engagement through their emails. Aside from the digital space, there’s also a lot of opportunity in the offline world with personal trainers and gyms.

“We’ve pretty much doubled our business since we started with you.”

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