Video Portfolio

April 24, 2018 , 2 minutes
video portfolio

Within our strategy of delivering effective digital strategies for clients, one of the tactics we’ve recommended is video. Of course, promotional videos can be expensive, but over the past few years, we’ve tried to make it more affordable to create something simple and effective that can be used on social media and more importantly, as a pre-roll on YouTube.

So below are some of the examples of our video portfolio over the past few years, either through or with my previous agency clients. I’ve also given a breakdown of the cost of each of the videos.

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

What happens if you don’t have time to get new footage? Use existing footage and edit it together to look awesome. So that’s what we did with the Story Bridge Adventure Climb.

Leichhardt Street Dental

This is a simple 15-second video working with the team and a client and used to promote their business within the local area. This was shown to a confined location of 1km radius from the business itself.

Total cost: $1,200

Urban Chocolatier

One of my personal favourites because it’s so simple and so effective. We added in the voiceover at a later date to make it stand out more on social media.

Freemasons Queensland

The Freemasons wanted to create a series of videos to reflect the interests and stories behind their members. This was a 20-second intro to encourage people to watch the full video about Wayne. The longer versions appeared on their website and throughout social media channels.

Adapt Healthcare

This video for Adapt Healthcare was great given the interaction between the characters and the storyline. We also used a short segment of this on a loop from the banner on the front page of the website. This was done whilst I worked with PresCare.

All So Cool

A video done back when I still ran my old agency, this time-lapse showed the company installing a beer cooling system in a new bar in Brisbane.

Hype Events

Who doesn’t like slot cars? No-one. That’s who.

If you’re looking for support with a corporate video and have a small budget to work with, our team can help.

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