The Martech 5,000

May 29, 2017 , 2 minutes
martech 5000

If you’re here just to find the Google Doc of all the 5,000 pieces of software, then click here.

If you’ve come here from a different link then a quick explanation:

One of the huge growth areas in digital marketing in the past 10 years has been MarTech – marketing technology – pieces of (generally) cloud-based software that help your business attract, service and retain your customers and clients. You’ve all probably used things like MailChimp and SurveyMonkey (what’s with the primates?) in the past, and whilst those two tools are still great and dominate their respective markets, there are thousands of other alternatives out there that might be better for your business.

And that’s the challenge now – wading through 5,000 pieces of cloud-based software to find out the best fit for your organisation. Many internal marketing staff don’t have the time or the know-how to do that, so it’s ideal finding another business that can come in and advise you on the best way forward, help implement any new technology and then guide you with ongoing marketing strategies using these new platforms.

Some other interesting statistics to note:

  • There are now an estimate 5,381 solutions on the list, this is an increase of 39% in the past year
  • Those solutions are produced by 4,891 unique companies, which is up 40% too. This shows a huge growth in the amount of businesses trying to enter this space, which also shows how profitable it could be
  • 4.7% of the solutions from 2016 were removed (and there’s another 3.5% that have changed in some core way — their name, their focus, or their ownership). This shows the space is still evolving fast.
  • Over 2,300 of the companies have received some sort of investor funding

In short, the Martech 5,000 is a minefield with which many businesses will struggle to find their way through without help. That’s where come in. If you can find and implement the right solution in your business, it can make a huge difference to revenue and profitability.