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6 Awesome Questions You Need To Be Asking During A Job Interview

September 12, 2023 , 5 minutes
Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be a daunting task, especially if it’s been a few years since your previous encounter. In our line of business, we interview marketing consultants on a weekly basis which has allowed us to be exposed to a variety of excellent interviewees. One of the standout elements of an interview where we can choose between a good individual and a great one is the questions they asked during the session. Whilst we as interviewers focus on the answers to our questions, it’s equally important for potential candidates, to ask questions as well as it shows us the individual cares about other aspects of the job and company as a whole.

What we look for in a question is whether it is an intelligent ‘high yield’ question. An intelligent ‘high yield’ question not only provides you as the interviewee with deeper insights into the job but also demonstrate your genuine interest in the position that provides the opportunity for a ‘rolling answer’ by the interviewer. What’s a rolling answer you say? A rolling answer is one where the interviewer will need to expand upon your question instead of a “yes or no” response. Here are six intelligent questions you should be asking during a job interview to ensure the perfect match for both you and a prospective employer.

  1. “What’s The Most Important Thing You’d Need Me To Achieve In The Next 6 Months?”

This question demonstrates your forward-thinking approach and your desire to make an immediate impact when you commence a role. It also allows the interviewer to outline their expectations and priorities for the role during the probation period. Their response will give you a clear picture of the job’s immediate challenges and whether they align with your skills, goals and desire for the job.

2. “What Common Characteristics Do You See In People Who Have Been Successful In This or A Similar Position?”

Understanding the traits and qualities that have led to successes in the role can help you evaluate your own suitability. We’re not saying that all traits need to align with your skills, as a new job role should offer varying challenges, but rather to make sure that the majority of your experience will allow you to fit in. The answer to this question will also allow you to demonstrate how your skills and personality align with the employer’s vision of an ideal candidate. By asking this question, you show that you’re interested in not just obtaining the job but excelling in it too.

3. “What Would Outstanding Performance Look Like In This Job?”

A question of this nature goes beyond the typical job description and delves into the specific expectations for exceptional job performance. It provides insight into what sets high-performing employees apart and what you should strive for if you’re selected for the position. This information can help you gauge whether your career aspirations align with the company’s vision and whether the salary being offered aligns with the workload.

4. “If I Were To Start Next Week, What Would Be The First Thing I’d Need To Work On?”

Requesting a real-life scenario gives you a taste of the challenges you might face in the role from the onset. It shows your willingness and preparedness to dive right in and start contributing immediately to the goals of the role. The response to this question will reveal the company’s current priorities and whether you’re comfortable tackling them from day one, as more times than not, the actual role you’re advertised doesn’t come into play until a few months down the track.

5. “How Does This Role Contribute To The Company’s Overall Goals And Mission?”

Understanding how your position fits into the bigger picture is crucial for job satisfaction and your long-term success. This question helps you assess whether the company’s values and objectives align with your own and if you see ‘purpose’ in the work that you’ll be doing. It also demonstrates your commitment to being a part of something meaningful and that you’re a goals orientated individual.

6. “Can You Describe The Team Dynamics And The Department’s Culture?”

This is a great question for corporate roles or businesses with larger teams. Your work environment significantly impacts your job satisfaction and how effectively you’ll complete your work tasks. Asking about team dynamics and company culture helps to gauge whether you’d be a good fit within the organisation whilst also showing the interest you have in collaborating with potential future workmates.

Asking these insightful questions during a job interview not only provides you with valuable information but also showcases your enthusiasm, intelligence, and commitment to the role.

Interviews are a two-way street, and finding the right job is not just about being chosen for the tole, it’s about finding the perfect match between your skills, goals, and the company’s overall needs and mission. So, the next time you find yourself in an interview, try to ask these questions to ensure your chances of standing out whilst also enhancing your knowledge of the position.