Great Aussie Sweet Company Covid-19 Response

Great Aussie Sweet Company Case Study

The client

The Great Aussie Sweet Company is one of Brisbane’s favourite lolly shops. 

It’s one of South Bank’s originals and has been open since 1992.

What was the problem?

Unfortunately, this normally thriving store was forced to shut their doors for six weeks due to the Coronavirus outbreak, which meant they could not generate any revenue.

To help them survive this difficult time they successfully applied for the Queensland Government’s Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program to help them implement a digital marketing growth strategy to provide an alternative source of revenue.

The solution

Prior to the pandemic, this iconic Brisbane lolly shop did not have a website and had never needed to undertake digital marketing thanks to their brilliant location in the heart of Southbank.

The government grant was put to good use and funded the development of an eCommerce store and implementation of a marketing automation platform.

We developed the e-commerce store in Shopify, as it is really easy to use and powerful. 

Here is the store’s home page…

5f7d3ca4f2008623173eb53e image003The eCommerce site we built for The Great Aussie Sweet Company

Here is a product listing page…

5f7d3ca43b216210288bbfdf image005Customers can easily browse through the products and sort them by categories

Here is an individual product page…

5f7d3ca346c8281c0eb22eb1 image007Customers can select the quantity they want and read the product descriptions as well

To improve online conversion rates and increase customer loyalty we also implemented a marketing automation system. 

We chose Drip for this project, as it is the best-in-class e-commerce specific marketing automation platform. It also integrates exceptionally well with Shopify

The first automation we launched was a welcome campaign.

This consisted of an exit intent popup designed as a last-ditch effort to convert visitors who are about to leave the site by offering them an attractive discount to make their first purchase.

Here’s the exit intent pop up…

5f7d3ca5228edb2998718ffe image009Exit intent popup appears on the website when customers are about to leave

And here is an example of the automated email responder containing the discount code…

5f7d3ca3c338a023f77aff83 image011An automated email with a 10% discount code is sent when a new customer signs up

The next automation we implemented was an abandoned cart campaign. This campaign automatically sends people who added products to their cart a series of time-delayed emails reminding them to complete their online purchase.

Here is an example of one of the abandoned cart emails that display some of the products the customer added to their cart but didn’t purchase…

5f7d3ca46848bf5d08c0b0c3 image013Abandoned cart email reminding customers to make a purchase

The results

The website is now live and started taking orders the day it launched

Thanks to the Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program, the Great Aussie Sweet Company successfully built and launched a website that will help them grow their business.

Most importantly, they are really happy and that just makes us love our job even more!

“Covid threw our SME into temporary closure. Cemoh launched us into the digital world when we had no idea where to start. They lead us every step of the way professionally and thoroughly. We now have an online shopping website and starting up a database for the future of our business. We now can look forward to thriving rather than struggling through this pandemic. Cemoh and their team have been my silver lining. I’m so grateful to have travelled this rocky road with their patience and persistence to get it done!”

Donna Smith
Owner of The Great Aussie Sweet Company