85% Increase in Organic Traffic with On-Page SEO

on-page seo

This case study summarises how fixing on-page SEO issues and errors, and website speed increased organic traffic 85%.

A sporting apparel brand was experiencing significant issues with their e-commerce store performance and wasn’t ranking compared to their competitors, despite having an extensive range of high-quality sportswear.

The site was structured poorly and contained hundreds of on-page SEO issues impacting their search engine rankings, click through rates and web traffic.

Furthermore, their online store was very slow and frequently timed out, especially during promotions.

On-page SEO issues.

As part of our digital marketing audit, we identified over 280 technical SEO issues in their Magento installation, including:

  • 43 pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • 36 duplicate title tags
  • 34 pages with duplicate content
  • 40 pages with duplicate H1 and title tags
  • No canonical URLs.

These issues made it very difficult for Google to understand how the site was structured.

When Google doesn’t understand your site, it doesn’t know how to rank you. This is not good!

Website page speed.

Another important component of on-page SEO is a website’s page speed.

Research unambiguously indicates that poor site speed negatively impacts user experience. It leads to:

  • Higher bounce rates
  • Less time on page
  • Lower online conversion rates
  • Lower user satisfaction and repeat visits
  • Poorer search rankings.

Migrating their e-commerce store to a Magento optimised hosting environment, and improving site structure reduced the store’s page load time from over 7 seconds to less than 2 seconds. This is a much better end-user experience.

Impact of on-page SEO on organic traffic.

Improving these on-page SEO issues had a profound and very quick positive impact on search visibility and web traffic.

By simply fixing on-page search SEO errors and issues, and improving website speed, without engaging in protracted link building or content strategies, our client saw significant improvements compared to the same period the previous year, in particular:

  • Organic Search traffic increased 85%
  • Overall Bounce rate improved 16%.
On-Page SEO and Traffic

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