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Google Launches Two New Ad Types

May 20, 2019 , 2 minutes
google new ads

In line with research showing that 70% of Google users want to be exposed to relevant content with less effort, Google has announced two new ad types. Not stopping there, they’ve also promised a redesigned Google Shopping experience for users. Read on to find out more!

Intent-based discovery ads.

Google’s new Discovery ads will appear as a clickable image and text based on intent data gained from it’s massive learning machine. Users will see the new Discovery ads in a number of places:

  • Google Mobile App: Under the search box.
  • Gmail: Under the social and promotions tab.
  • YouTube: In the home feed.

Ad selection will occur based primarily on data from a user’s Google search queries, YouTube video views and apps downloaded from Google play. The new Discovery ads are unique in the sense that they will appear based on historical user data, meaning you don’t need to enter a search query before seeing a targeted-ad.

Query-based gallery ads.

Gallery ads are nothing new – those carousels of products that you can swipe through after any google search. But they’re usually restricted to certain brands. Now, these gallery ads are open to all brands so you’re likely to see a wider variety of unique swipeable ads on your search results pages.

Unlike the Discovery ads which are based on intent signals, the gallery ads are purely determined by the search query you enter, meaning they’ll be much more relevant to your immediate needs.

The new-look Google Shopping

In addition to the new ads, there’s also a new user interface and features coming to Google Shopping. A personalised homepage will have a range of new product filtering options, but a lot of the changes centre around how customers can buy products.

Customers will have the option to buy goods on the spot, online through Google, or at their closest store. The redesign gives retailers better control over inventory and in-store pickups, which is a win for both merchants and shoppers.

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