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How to Get More Clients With Google Adwords

July 11, 2016 , 4 minutes
more clients with adwords

If you are receiving mediocre results with traditional forms of advertising, such as the Yellow Pages and newspapers, or are frustrated with the process of cold calling then Google Adwords is an ideal solution for you.

By running an effective Google Adwords campaign, you will be able to attract clients who are already interested in your services and are actively looking for a provider in your industry space.

Why Google Adwords?

The goal of Google’s search engine is to provide users with the most relevant and useful information for what they are searching for. This allows advertisers (like yourself) to accurately target highly relevant people, by placing ads into these search results; meaning you get highly qualified leads that are looking specifically for your business.

If done correctly, a Google Adwords campaign can be a cost-effective way to generate leads for your business in a short amount of time.

Here is how to setup a Google Adwords campaign to get new clients:


The first step is researching the relevant keywords that your prospects are likely searching for. The more specific they are, the better.

For example, the keyword phrase “accountant brisbane” might generate a lot of searches, but “auditing accountant brisbane” would provide a more relevant lead for someone who specialises in this field.

Another thing to consider is the intent of the searches. Somebody searching for “accountant prices brisbane” might be price shopping, whereas someone searching “brisbane tax accountant” would be more likely to purchase services.

A good way to find these keywords and get suggested keywords is using Google Keyword Planner.

Landing Pages

Setting up a high-converting landing page is the next step. When a prospect clicks on your ad, it is better to send them to a specific landing page, instead of your general home page. By using a landing page, you can address the prospect’s specific concerns and have a better chance at converting them into a client.

To follow on from the previous example, an accountant looking to bring in more tax clients would set-up a specific landing page for the “brisbane tax accountant” keyword. If he wanted more payroll clients he could set-up another landing page for his “brisbane payroll accountant” keyword.

The 3 key elements of an effective landing page are:

  • Call to action (for example, ring your office)
  • 2nd call to action (for example, fill out your details so your staff can schedule an appointment)
  • Headline and body text that explains the benefits they will receive.

Write Your Ad For Adwords

The ad that you write is important, because it determines whether or not a person will visit your website or call your office at all. Here is a good template to use:

For the headline – “keyword + location”

  1. Tax Accountant Brisbane

For the body text, offer a benefit and then call to action.

Eg. Maximise your tax refund this financial year. Call 123-4567 now!

Tracking Results

The final step in an Adwords campaign is to track your results. This way, you will be able to see which ads are producing the best results, and which ones to cut from your budget.

The variables that you can track are the phone calls made, or the number of requests for information received (forms being filled out). These can be tracked within Google Analytics or 3rd party software. The more data you are able to collect, the better you will be able to improve the results of your ad campaign.

As you can see, an effective Adwords campaign involves researching relevant keywords, creating a landing page, writing an effective ad and tracking results.

By following the process outlined in this blog post, you will be able to generate high quality and reliable leads, to get more clients with Google Adwords.