SEO Case Study 4: A New Focus Page for Google Adwords Brisbane

October 18, 2017 , 2 minutes
adwords landing page

In the interests of openness and honesty, what better way to prove a point than by using yourself as a demonstration? So I did.

My website has been running for about 12 months now and due to the volume of work I’ve had, I’ve not invested much time into it to develop it into the lead generation tool it should be.

That was until recently.

SEO Case Study 4: The Problem

One of the first jobs I did for myself – as I do for all clients – is to work out what keywords I want to optimise for. Obviously, this is a bit easier for me as I know what I do. Or at least I should.

And one of those services that I wanted to offer more of was Google Adwords. It previously tended to be a by-product of my holistic digital marketing services, but I’d recently qualified as a Google Adwords partner, so I thought that I should develop a page dedicated to explaining this particular services.

Now, previously a different page – actually the front page of the site – had ranked on Google for the ‘Google Adwords Brisbane’, and as you can see, wasn’t ranking particularly well.

seo case study 4

Why wasn’t the front page ranking?

Well, for a number of reasons, but largely because the focus of that front page wasn’t on that individual subject matter. The front page was optimised for a more general keyword – digital marketing consultant  – so even though there were mentions of Google Adwords on that page, it wasn’t going to as well without its own page.

So I created this page for Google Adword Consultants (edit: note that it’s now targeting the keyword Google Adwords Management). And as you can see, within a short time, it started to rank much higher than the front page had done.


One of the best ways of drawing attention to a particular service you offer is to create a dedicated, optimised page for that service. Make sure that page has all the correct elements any page needs to rank – headings, images with alt attributes, great copy and so on – and you should start to see it rank almost immediately.