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Discovering A New Way To Work

July 3, 2017 , 2 minutes
new way to work

There are two words that could be used to describe me with no arguments from myself – distractible and unproductive. That’s not to say I’m those two things all the time, but there are times when I sit and look at what I’ve produced in a particular space of time and I can honestly say, it hasn’t been fantastic.

So I’m going to try and do something. I fear there will inevitably come a time when I have to delete both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans from my phone but I’m banking on being able to control myself better so I can have those distractions as a short reward.

After listening to the back-end of a Tim Ferriss podcast today I Googled two things – Pomodoro Method and the 5 Minute Journal.

The Pomodoro Method

I’m not going to go into the history – you can read about it here in one of Lifehack’s blogs – but I gave the 25-minute methodology a go this afternoon and…well…it actually worked. I managed three sessions of straight work without getting distracted. I’ll give it a blast tomorrow and see if I get the same results and see if I can make it work a bit longer this time.

Five Minute Journal

Not properly investigated this one yet but you can buy them from here. I probably don’t have the patience – I definitely don’t have the patience to wait for the delivery – but there is an app you can download. So that might be worth it. Shall try that out tomorrow.

In other, slightly related news, I just learnt how to do strike-through text up there.

Currently listening to ‘Desolation Town’ by Terrorvision from their debut album, Formaldehyde. From something like 1993.