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Can an Outsourced Marketing Manager be as Effective as an Inhouse Marketing Manager?

April 19, 2021 , 4 minutes

There is absolutely no doubt that outsourcing has changed the business landscape for the better. Outsourcing is a way to get the help you need on a limited or contract basis, without having to hire full-time staff. Naturally, there are benefits to having everybody you need as permanent staff members, but not every business can afford that. Marketing, for example, is one of those areas where outsourcing makes a lot of sense. Especially for small to medium enterprises who may not have the need or budget for a full-time marketing manager. But are outsourced marketing managers as effective as in-house ones?

How does an outsourced marketing manager work?

Let’s face it, in today’s world, any outsourced contractor works almost the same as an in-house staff member. Permanent staff are working from home, working remotely, hybrid workplaces are popping up everywhere. So, how does an outsourced marketing manager work? Exactly the same as an in-house one. It’s only really the HR component that’s different.

The dollars and cents

Let’s consider some of the downfalls of hiring an in-house marketing manager. Firstly, there’s the cost. If you’re a large organisation with an expansive marketing budget, it probably makes sense to hire in-house. Otherwise, it’s likely you wouldn’t even have enough marketing activities to justify the annual wage for a marketing expert. The average salary for a marketing manager in Australia is a tick below $80,000 per year. Unless you have a serious amount of marketing to manage, that’s a lot of money.

In Australia, hiring a full-time staff member also means paying superannuation, providing sick leave and annual leave, and covering for people when they use that leave. You need to provide equipment, such as office space, computers, phones, maybe even a car. It’s a massive expense that you simply don’t have when hiring contractors.

Accountability and performance

Do you ever feel that your permanent staff get a bit complacent? You can have monthly performance meetings and structures for managing poor performance, but it’s still a major hassle trying to move someone on if they’re not delivering. Let’s face it, we’ve all probably been guilty of not giving 100% because we’re getting a salary each week regardless of results. An outsourced marketing manager doesn’t have that security or luxury. When hiring, you agree on set KPIs and hold the contractor to those. If they’re not performing, you can terminate the contract easily. It sounds harsh, but that’s the reality. It provides clear accountability, and it’s certainly an extra incentive for your contractor to deliver results.

Technology makes outsourcing even more attractive

Are you worried about hiring an external marketing manager because they won’t be in your office every day? Well, considering the technology available now, you shouldn’t worry too much. Most businesses have access to communication and collaboration tools that make it easy to share information. It’s never been easier to give an outsourced contractor the access and tools they need to work cohesively with your in-house teams.

In addition, there’s no reason your outsourced marketing manager needs to work remotely. If you want them to be part of your office, it’s as easy as finding desk space for them. You can still enjoy all the benefits of having someone work on contract, but also be a physical part of your team.


Want the best of both worlds?

If you want the best of both worlds, having an outsourced marketing manager backed by an outsourced marketing services team who works in your business alongside your team, give us a call.

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