How to Keep Your Customers Loyal with Paula Thomas

This week we talk about all things loyalty marketing, how to kept your customer loyal, how to keep them coming back and most importantly, how to keep them spending with you. Joined by fellow podcast host and loyalty marketing expert Paula Thomas. Simon and Paula give you everything you need to know on how to keep your customers loyal.

Show Notes

Paula Thomas is an independent loyalty marketing consultant- she is an expert in all things loyalty marketing. With almost a decade of experience leading consumer loyalty programmes across multiple sectors, you can be sure she is the ultimate guru.

Paula is now sharing her knowledge through her writing and her podcast. Her newly published book called “Driving Loyalty in Convenience Retail” talks about how to drive loyalty in the convenience retail industry.

In her podcast “Let’s Talk Loyalty”, she talks about every aspect of loyalty marketing across a range of industries, so be sure to take a listen.


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