How to Share a Facebook Pixel With a Partner

1 minute
Facebook Pixel

This article describes how to share a Facebook pixel with a partner, such as an agency.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Go to Facebook Business Manager

If you aren’t already using Facebook Business manager, you will need to set up a new Business Manager account in order to share your Facebook Pixel

Go to Business Manager Settings

Facebook business manager settings

Go to your Business Manager Settings in the left hand menu.

Go to Pixels

Facebook Pixel

Next, navigate to “Pixels” under “Data Sources” in the left hand menu.

Assign the Partner

Assign Facebook Pixel to a Partner

Select the Pixel and click “Assign Partners”.

Enter the Partner’s Business ID

Facebook business manager share pixel with a partner

To grant you access to the pixel, you need to enter your partner’s Business ID.

Once you’ve done this, your partner should now have access to your Facebook pixel.