10x Increase in B2B Leads at DoseMe

DoseMeRx scaled

The client

DoseMe provides Bayesian dosing software as a service to leading hospitals around the world supporting clinicians to dose patients based upon their individual ability to absorb, process, and clear a therapeutic drug.

DoseMe was founded in Brisbane and were recently acquired by Tabula Rasa HealthCare, a NASDAQ listed healthcare technology company, in January 2019.

We were pleased to play a small role in this startup success story.

The challenge

The company had grown in recent years but was looking to further expand its foothold, particularly in North America.

The company had limited resources to manage this process internally. They turned to us to help develop and implement a digital marketing growth strategy in June 2018.

What we did

Built a Flight Plan

We commenced our engagement with a Flight Planning session.

The goal of this session was to build a clear understanding of how customers engage with their business and identify where we could affect change that would deliver growth.

The main output of this session was a visual plan representing where we could help DoseMe, covering the following:

  • Driving website traffic
  • Converting website traffic
  • Automating manual processes
  • Customer lifecycle nurturing.

Key initiatives

Some of the key initiatives we’ve implemented at DoseMe that have contributed to the 10x increase in leads include the following.

Focused on data

The key to successful digital marketing and business, in general, is to test, learn and refine. Everything online is measurable so there is no excuse if you don’t know if something has worked (or not).

To ensure we could make data-driven decisions, we integrated Segment.com into their SaaS application. This allowed us to track and analyse behaviour in a de-identified manner within the application in real-time using tools such as MixPanel.

Streamlined the trial process

When we started working with DoseMe, website visitors had to first request a demo which had to be manually set up. This was time-consuming for DoseMe and a turn-off for many of their visitors.

Before changing any internal systems and processes, we implemented A/B tests to determine if people were more likely to respond to ‘Free Trial’ vs ‘Request a Demo’.

The results were clearly in favour of free trials. Implementing a free trial process contributed significantly to improving their conversion rates.

Attracted the right traffic

Through extensive keyword research, we identified significant traffic for keywords relating to their core product.

As a result, we developed a free interactive vancomycin dosing calculator as a lead magnet, and other related content, to attract highly targeted traffic via search engine optimisation, Google ads and Facebook advertising.

This calculator provided prospective customers with a high-level taste of their full product.

We then re-marketed to people who visited this free tool to encourage them to trial the full application.

Automated sales and marketing processes

Tracking real-time usage enabled us to implement sophisticated, personalised, behaviour-driven marketing campaigns that ensured prospects received the right information at the right time.

We implemented various campaigns based on prospects’ geography, application usage, company size and lifecycle, with the objective of getting them to the next step of the sales cycle.

The results

As a result of this experiment based marketing, web leads increased more than 10x in just a matter of months.