Auskin Australia

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Who is the Auskin Group?

Auskin is an Australian company sourcing, designing, manufacturing and distributing quality fibres, natural sheepskin and alpaca products to the highest standard. Auskin maintain and operate their own tanning, manufacturing and design facilities and have sales offices in Australia, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and China.

What was the business challenge?

Auskin’s Managing Director Dennis Hu was introduced to our CEO, Simon Dell, during a networking event that he was conducting. Dennis reached out to Simon to see if he and Cemoh could help recruit for a product marketing manager role that they had been trying to  source since October 2022. The main reason for their struggles revolved around struggling to acquire top talent that was the best fit for the position. Simon met with Dennis and Hugh (Recruitment Manager) to discuss the role overview and recruitment process that Cemoh would undertake to find the appropriate individual.

What did the client need to recruit?

Product Marketing Manager

Auskin was seeking a product marketing manager whose responsibility it was to analyse market trends, competitor data and user feedback to determine how a new product could be effectively marketed to its target audience. The role required strong communication skills, an interest in research and an ability to perform data analysis.

Cemoh Actions Taken

Being a niche role, we first commenced with filtering through our talent pool of 250+ Cemoh marketers which lead to one potential candidate that was put forward to Auskin. As a fallback, we also started head hunting for the position which involved uncovering various attributes and backgrounds this specific marketer needed to possess – with heavy emphasis on product experience within specific industries but also a knowledge of the entire marketing scope and an ability to get hands on as well.

We had several good applicants, with ten that we were able to interview. Three were eventually shortlisted with each being invited to interview directly with Hugh and his team. Of the three candidates, two progressed to 2nd round interviews with one of those progressing to a 3rd and final interview. 

The Outcome

Our fallback approach to headhunting for more talent turned out to be an effective decision as the initial individual that we had put forward wasn’t quite the right fit. Instead, Margaret Riceputo was offered the position with Auskin on 12th April 2023. In the space of 4 weeks, Margaret was professionally approached by Cemoh about the role, undertook one interview with Cemoh and three interviews with Auskin before being offered the position. 

Client Feedback

Dennis and Hugh were very impressed with how quickly the process took to find talented, worthwhile candidates thanks to the due diligence and networking conducted by the Cemoh team. Margaret has so far been the perfect fit for the role and will be an important asset for the company moving forward as they launch new and manage existing product ranges.