Origin Story

Cemoh provides high-performing marketing experts to work inside your business to help you achieve growth and success. That seems a simple proposition, but there’s a story as to how and why Cemoh came about.

Way back in January 2016, Simon Dell, CEO and Co-founder of Cemoh, sold his marketing agency and went out on his own as a digital marketing consultant. That was a pretty risky move as he had no clients lined up and his wife was heavily pregnant with their first son. She was not amused.

But relatively quickly, using an existing network of contacts, he found three clients who needed experienced marketing support in-house. Not just for the ‘doing’ side of the marketing but more for support in their strategic direction –helping them understand the best way of growing their businesses. So he began working with them as a contracted marketing strategist, becoming part of their in-house team on a regular basis, varying between one to two days per week. Clients liked the approach as they believed they had someone who could properly understand their business, because they were there in the office with them. It helped with decision making, advice, team building and faster delivery of marketing activities.

A year later, the demand for this in-house service expanded with new clients needing additional services and support. With Simon’s time now stretched to the point he couldn’t support any more clients, he formed a business relationship with Matthew Clarkson. Matt had a background in start-ups and marketing data and analytics, and had held a number of CMO roles. He’d been working on a software start-up when Simon and he were introduced, and quickly they both realised that Matt could also deliver similar consultancy services to the expanding base of clients, but that he could also add another level of expertise when it came to development, marketing automation, CRM implementation and operational excellence.

The business was rubber-stamped in April 2018 when Matt and Simon formed a company – Those Digital Guys. For a while, they built the consultancy business under Simon’s original branding SimonDell.com, but when Matt decided he was sick of everyone asking him if he was ‘Simon’, they decided in June 2019 to change the name to Paper Planes.

Whilst they loved that brand and name, in October of 2019, Matt stumbled across a five-letter domain name (rare as hen’s teeth) that linked in with what we were trying to build – cemoh.com. In corporate land, a Chief Marketing Officer, the head of a company’s marketing effort is often referred to in her or his abbreviated form: CMO. Phonetically this is pronounced as ‘cemoh’ and hence, the new company name was born. After all, that was where they were having the most success with clients: acting as an out-sourced Chief Marketing Officer providing advice, strategy and ongoing support.

This fit with the structure that they’d been modelling in the previous years – allowing businesses to outsource their in-house marketing experts. No longer did businesses need to rely on full-time marketing staff who had no ongoing training or weren’t being utilised 100% of the time. Nor did they need to rely on expensive agencies whose staff changed frequently and weren’t really invested in their customers. Now they could get the best of both worlds and work with Cemoh to get marketing advice, strategy and execution all from one place.

After spending two years testing this proposition, slowly growing their client base and testing their systems, Cemoh was launched officially in July 2020.

The proposition remains exactly the same as when Matt and Simon first launched the business in April 2018: highly-trained, outsourced marketing experts to work inside your business.

What does this mean for your business?

Irrespective of size, all businesses need marketing help to grow. And for a long time, the model for this, has been all wrong.

Having a single member of staff inside your business has numerous downsides: no one to train them, no one to ask if they’re doing the right thing, highly likely to not be utilised fully or the opposite: have far too much on and need help. It’s rare a business can find balance.

Equally, while agencies deliver a useful service, they are disconnected from your business and aren’t really invested in your success.

If those two options aren’t affordable, many business owners just try and do the marketing themselves, and with all their other responsibilities, like finance, operations, HR and so on, that rarely works out well. Marketing always ends up at the bottom of the list.

This is where Cemoh fits in.

Cemoh is the solution to the problem of how you find highly-skilled marketing staff who are invested in your business growth. Our results-driven team members can work in your business from a minimum of one day per week. And that means actually IN your business – they will be there to see how things work, how you operate, meet the rest of the team and of course, understand how to grow. You can have them for short-term (3 months) or longer. They can work on their own or they can support existing team members. They can help at a strategic planning level or they can focus on executing tactics.

All of that happens within the framework of our Compulsory Professional Development program ensuring that all Cemohs are up-to-date with the very latest in marketing news, tactics and trends and our weekly Huddles, where each Cemoh can get advice from our network as to how to tackle any marketing problems they may have.

We believe that all businesses should have access to the best marketing teams to transform their business. Cemoh is how we deliver that.

Meet our Leadership Team

Simon Dell, CEO and Founder

Simon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cemoh and has 20 + years of experience. He has significant experience in start-ups, public speaking, writing and business development. His core experience is in Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Analytics & Webmasters, SEO, Marketing Automation & Content Generation), Entrepreneurship, Technology, Business Leadership, Creative Direction & Innovation and Brand Management.

Matthew Clarkson, COO and Founder

Matt is the Co-Founder and COO of Cemoh and has 20 years of experience. He has significant experience in Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Analytics & Webmasters, SEO, Marketing Automation & Content Generation), Entrepreneurship, Technology, Software Development, Business Analytics, Business Leadership, Conversion Funnel Optimisation. 

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