What’s the minimum amount of time I can hire a Cemoh?

The minimum amount of time is 1 day a week for 3 months. There is no maximum time, although we tend to suggest no contract is longer than 12 months. That could be for one day a week or full-time. 

What’s the notice period if I don’t want my Cemoh anymore?

We require one months notice via email.

Who pays for the Cemoh?

We pay the Cemoh’s wages, Superannuation, holiday pay and sick leave. We also cover their insurance for when they’re working in your business. We then invoice you on a weekly or monthly basis. 

How do I provide feedback about my Cemoh?

In the first 8 weeks, you will be sent a survey weekly asking you for feedback. After that, the survey will be sent to you once a month. However, we’re happy to receive feedback about our Cemohs at any time and in any format.

How do I pay for my Cemoh?

We prefer weekly direct debits with which you receive a 5% discount. For larger companies, monthly invoices in advance are also available.

Can I request more time from my Cemoh? Or a second Cemoh?

Absolutely. As long as the Cemoh is available, we can increase and decrease days as needed. Adding another Cemoh in is just as easy.

How do you recruit your Cemohs?

Many of our Cemohs are long-term contacts that we have worked with in the past and can testify to their effectiveness. More have been recommendations from clients and other Cemohs. However, we continue to recruit Cemohs on an ongoing basis using traditional methods like SEEK.

Why is a Cemoh day 7 hours? Why are they only in my business for 4 hours?

As a business, your Cemoh day is 7 hours, however, we pay our Cemohs for the legal 7.6 hours per day. That remaining 0.6 of an hour (36 minutes) is ‘banked’ and used for training and development, allowing us to improve and upskill the people working in your business. 

Who are/were Paper Planes?

Cemoh used to be called Those Digital Guys t/a Paper Planes until June 30th 2020 when we formally changed our name with ASIC to reflect our new branding. The Paper Planes brand no longer exists but there are still some references to that company in our reviews.