The Disney Paradox: Why Micro-Engagement Can Change Your Business

April 3, 2018 , 2 minutes
disney paradox

Have you ever been to Disneyland? Or one of the Disney resorts?

I have a friend who visited one of them last week and by all accounts, and the photos posted on Facebook, she had an amazing time with her partner and son. They’re full of big smiles, food, great weather and of course, the famous Disney characters.

But it’s a big fat lie: The Disney Paradox

disney paradoxMost people who have been to such theme parks experience ‘moments’ of joy throughout their visit rather than unreserved, non-stop eight hours of joy. A few minutes on a rollercoaster. Meeting Mickey. A large ball of candy floss.

Those moments are memorable because they stand out from the norm. You don’t meet Mickey every day.

They stick in your mind because of this, and because Disney is such a cultural icon.

But really, when you look back on it, there are many negatives associated with your time there. The cost for one. The standing in long queues. The fact that the food might not always be hot. Or it’s packed full of sugar. Travel time. Entry time. The weather.

There’s plenty of negatives to be had.

But we don’t see these downsides because of the punchy moments of glee that overwhelm us. That’s the Disney paradox.

And this is a lesson your business can learn from. Punchy moments of glee.

How can you deliver Disney moments to your customers that always make them remember you? You don’t have to dress up like Mickey (although if you’re an accountant, that would certainly do the trick). But think about moments of micro-engagement. Moments that make them go ‘wow’.

If you do that, you might not have to make everything amazing because those moments will out-shine everything else you do. If you understand the phenomenon that is the Disney paradox, you can use it to boost your business.

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