Hire Part-Time Marketing Staff

Our marketing staff can be hired on a part-time basis, helping you regularly with tasks or projects that demand a bit more time and consistency than a freelance gig but don’t quite meet the need for full-time employment.

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We Have The Part-Time Marketing Staff You Need

With our vast community of content creators, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing strategists, and other experts, we can easily fill this need.

We’ll match you with a Cemoh that has the skills you need and a style that meshes with your company, whether you’re a small business with mainly local customers or a big corporate entity keen to stay ahead of the competition.

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Part-Time Recruitment On Your Terms

With our commitment to flexibility, we don’t pressure you into signing a long-term contract right off the bat. You can hire a Cemoh marketer part-time for one day a week or more, with the option to extend or buy out their contract. Days can also be added or subtracted as needed as we know businesses have their peaks and troughs. We also provide ongoing support to our Cemohs, including monthly workshops, and creative and problem-solving advice through our network of Cemohs, and our Cemoh University which is packed with useful courses and marketing industry content.

Why Hire a Marketer Part-Time?

The need for short-term but regular help could arise for a variety of reasons. You may need help with tasks that can be done a day or two a week, like composing and scheduling social media posts or writing a weekly e-newsletter to update your customers. You might also not be ready to offer an employee a full-time contract and want to try out a marketer first to see what they’re capable of and if they’re the right fit for your company in the longer term. With our versatile hiring scheme, this isn’t a problem. 

If any of the following situations resonate with you, you might want to consider hiring a marketer part-time:

  • A new, part-time role has emerged in your company that needs to be filled quickly.
  • An employee has left their part-time or full-time position, leaving a vacancy to be filled.
  • You need regular help with marketing strategies, content, creative, or social media, but the workload isn’t enough to justify hiring a full-time employee.
  • You’ve been screening candidates for a new position in your company but haven’t yet found the right talent for the job.
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Why Choose Cemoh?

We’re Experienced

We understand your needs, our combined decades of experience in the industry give us the know-how when it comes to anything marketing-related.

Only the Best Talent

Our Cemohs have been carefully selected and have a proven track record of success. Have a look at our case studies here to see some examples we’re

Industry Experience

By matching you with a Cemoh who’s familiar with your industry, they’ll have a better grasp of your goals and how to achieve them.

Remote or Office Work

Cemohs can either work in-house with you, allowing the opportunity for close, in-person collaboration throughout their period of employment or remotely for convenience.

Diverse Skills

With our varied pool of marketing talent, we can help you build your marketing team according to the specific skillsets and experience you require.

Constant Communication

We’re committed to full transparency and update you regularly on your marketing performance with facts and figures. Our interactive client reporting portal even allows you to track your company’s progress in real-time.

We’d be delighted to discuss part-time hiring options with you, so why not get in touch and contact us.  

Contact Us and We’ll Match You With the Best Marketing Consultants

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