Tony White Group

Tony White Cemoh Marketing Case Study

Who is the Tony White Group?

Tony White Group is Australia’s largest family owned automotive dealers. With 30 years of industry experience, the company has an impressive network of 122 dealership locations, featuring 40+ car brands. With annual revenues exceeding $2 billion, Tony White Group credits its success to offering customers the benefits of dealing with a large group that includes flexibility and personalised experiences that only a privately owned dealership can offer. 

The Kedron based Tony White Group marketing team has undertaken a transitional phase over the last several months with a new GM of marketing, Andrew Roberston. Andrew has been building the team from the ground up with a strong focus on improving the digital experience of the brand and its numerous dealerships.

What was the business challenge?

Tony White Group were seeking a digital/performance manager to help with growing the online presence of their dealerships. Andrew, the GM of marketing, had been unable to find any candidates via his usual channels. At a crossroads, he decided to get in contact with our business development manager. Our BDM had been a contact of Andrew for over two years when Andrew was the GM of marketing at Steelx. After getting in touch to arrange a meeting, the two were able to establish the immediate needs for the role.

Andrew also engaged Cemoh to find a full time senior marketing manager to assist with the planning and implementation of marketing strategies.  

What did the client need to recruit?

Digital/Performance Manager 

Tony White Group were seeking a digital performance manager to implement digital offerings for dealerships: Google Ads, Social Media Ads and other advertising output as required. Overseeing the daily optimisation of all live campaigns with a strong focus on campaign strategy. Setting up analytics, tracking and providing insightful and data lead reporting for all campaigns upon completion. 

Senior Marketing Specialist

Tony White Group were seeking a senior marketing specialist to spearhead the development, implementation, and management of communications, marketing and advertising campaigns with the Marketing Manager. The role also involved the curation of marketing strategy, content updates and the measuring & reporting on the effectiveness of all marketing activities. 

Cemoh Actions Taken

Digital/Performance Manager

Our Cemoh vetting and reference check process has allowed us to capture some of the best marketing expertise in Brisbane. After identifying the needs of Tony White Group, we were able to assess our portfolio of talent and find those best suited to delivering in this sector. We decided that our established member of the Cemoh team, Guy Stockwell, would be the perfect fit thanks to his existing experience in digital performance and knowledge of the automobile industry.

After a successful interview process, Guy was on boarded with Tony White Group for 1 day per week before moving to 2 days per week for nearly two months due to increased workload and allowing Guy to familiarise himself with the role and team. After this period, Andrew engaged us to buyout Guy’s contract due to his impressive work ethic, results and ease of transition into the team.

Senior Marketing Specialist

We advertised to our network of 200+ marketers that a senior marketing specialist role with an automotive dealer was available. Within a week we had five replies of which three were suited to the position. After interviewing each, we decided Raoul Gundelach was the ideal candidate to send to Tony White Group who, after a short trial period, offered Raoul the full time position.

The Outcome

Digital/Performance Manager 

Guy started the role as a part time member of Tony White Group on a trial basis. This allowed Tony White Group to assess whether Guy was the right fit for the role and allowed them to ascertain the actual workload that the position required. Guy was then bought out to become the full time digital/performance manager and has since excelled in the role by growing the digital presence of the Tony White Group brand. Guy’s responsibilities in the role focus on the management of end-to-end digital projects such as campaign microsites, email delivery, analytics and digital advertising in order to increase product and brand awareness.

Senior Marketing Specialist

With an impressive resume of marketing experience working on global brands, Raoul was shortlisted, interviewed and trialed by Tony White Group before being offered the full time position of senior marketing specialist. To date, Raoul has seamlessly transitioned into the team, providing expert support and strategic advice to Andrew. 

Client Feedback

Part of the Cemoh philosophy, and one of our BDM’s key functions, is to maintain contact with each client to ensure that their new Cemoh marketing consultant is succeeding in their role. 

Since Guy and Raoul started their positions, we have checked in with Andrew on several occasions to establish performance and how each was transitioning into their new jobs with Tony White Group. As of May 2023, both individuals are thriving with Andrew being very satisfied with the overall talent acquisition process and performance of both Guy and Raoul.

Testimonial From Andrew Robertson

“Can’t rate Cemoh highly enough. Cemoh been instrumental in helping build a new team in a tough market. Very happy with the results and the people we now have on board.”