Australia’s Largest Marketing Talent Pool

Cemoh is the largest talent pool of marketing experts in Australia. Our Cemohs (that’s what we call our marketing experts!) are available for hire on a freelance, part-time, or full-time basis according to your specific needs. For example, a Cemoh can step in to…

  • Tackle a larger-than-usual workload that’s slowing down your team
  • Assist with a short-term or ad-hoc project
  • Fill the shoes of an employee on temporary or parental leave
  • Take on a full-time position within your marketing team

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Why Choose Cemoh?

Verified Talent

Our Cemohs not only look good on paper—their skills have been put to the test. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that each of our Cemohs have the experience and expertise to address your needs with high-quality results. If you’re interested in checking out our pool of talent or want to learn about their diverse backgrounds and expertise, head to our nifty Find a Cemoh page.

We Know Marketing

Our back-of-house team has a combined 60 years of marketing experience, equipping them with valuable insider knowledge, a deep understanding of the industry, and talent-matching expertise.

Flexible Hiring

We believe in versatility when it comes to recruiting one of our Cemohs, which is why we don’t fuss over long-term contracts like other agencies. Instead, we can assign a Cemoh for those smaller tasks that require only a few days. For those longer projects, we want to give our Cemohs peace of mind whilst guaranteeing you quality and delivering on expectations, which is why we implement a minimum 30-day contract.

Cemoh Outsourced Marketing - Client reporting

Real-Time Monitoring of Results

We watch your business closely to ensure that the market strategies we implement have the desired results.

To provide full transparency, you’ll receive regular updates on the campaigns and activities we carry out as well as access to our client reporting portal.

Industries We Service

Just a sample of the industries our Cemohs have experience in. For a full-list, check out their profiles.

Great Brands Hire Marketing Consultants Through Cemoh

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