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Sarah has over 5 years’ experience in Marketing and Communications working for Global Businesses. Sarah has proven to be successful in planning and implementing large scale campaigns, social and content marketing strategies, marketing automation and podcast production.

Sarah has worked closely with graphic designers briefing them for case studies, event artwork, POS, advertising, digital banners, product catalogues and flyers. She has also shown a strong ability to conduct changes to website platforms including WordPress and Magento, build and construct eDM templates, write content and set up marketing automation workflows in Drip.

Sarah has a keen eye for detail and customer experience. She has the ability to find the problem and provide a solution.

Sarah has planned, coordinated and successfully executed events in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Korea. Sarah managed tasks including communications with customers, suppliers and venue organisers, briefed artwork for display panels, POS and event advertising, organised transport, staffing rota and ensured each deadline was met.

Eager to improve on her skills all the time Sarah is always willing to take on new challenges and will give 100 percent to whatever she is tasked with.

In January 2019, Sarah joined the Paper Planes team as a casual helping to manage the internal Marketing and Podcast Production. In this role, Sarah successfully managed the Social Media strategy, Blog posts both internal and external, event planning and Podcast Production. During this time she has secured podcast guests such as Sean Buckley the Executive Chairman and Owner of Ultra Tune, Adam Schwab the Co-Founder of Luxury Escapes and Glen Richards who is a panellist on the television show Shark Tank.

More recently, Sarah has evolved into a Cemoh position looking after The Cookie Cutter Shop helping to implement strategies to improve brand awareness and Customer experience.  Outside of work, Sarah is a wife and mum to two girls, Macy and Indie, enjoys running and loves to spend time with the kids. She recently completed her first Gold Coast Half Marathon and previously competed in State and National titles for Irish Dancing. She still to this day attends the weekly adult class for a bit of a Craic.

Sarah is currently available for hire | 16 Hours per week
Sarah is currently available for hire | 16 Hours per week


Cookie Cutter Shop

The first Cemoh customer was The Cookie Cutter Shop which Sarah took on the task to manage. From putting a plan together to getting started Sarah went in prepared with an understanding of the business, what needed to be improved and how it could be implemented. To date Sarah has put a social media strategy into action, generated monthly newsletters, organised event packs for Easter and Mother’s Day and has provided an in depth Site Map to restructure the website for improved Customer experience. Sarah has also implemented Drip workflows to target abandoned cart customers and past customers.

Knauf Insulation

Sarah worked in the Marketing team at Knauf Insulation for 3 years. In her time at Knauf Insulation, Sarah managed the company’s largest account, Bunnings Warehouse. As part of her role she would also manage the customer communications with the smaller accounts and also helped to launch the business into Japan and Korea with events held in both countries. In addition to this Sarah also managed the internal communications and social media strategies. Sarah planned and executed the advertising and events for the Bunnings Summer and Winter Campaigns which included and is not limited to TV, Radio, Print and Team Member Expos across each state of Australia and one NZ location.


  • Successful planning and implementation of Social Media Strategy to generate UGC on a global scale.
  • Proven ability to plan, coordinate and execute training events both on a local and International scale.
  • Development of TV, Radio and Print Advertising including briefing, scheduling and post-production reporting.
  • Development of internal and external communications using multiple CRM platforms.
  • Management of Podcast production from start to finish.
  • Strong ability to recognise and implement changes to improve customer experience and boost sales.
  • Has shown the ability to adapt to sudden change and tackle any challenges at the drop of a hat.
  • Shows the ability to provide new creative ideas and solutions.
  • Has a never give up attitude to work and will always give 100%.
  • Strong communication skills. ‍