Cemoh Strategists

Cemoh Strategists are highly-trained senior marketers with ten years or more experience in a particular field or industry.

Cemoh Strategists will have held roles such a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), marketing director or senior marketing manager or will have director experience.

They may also have come from agency backgrounds where they will have held senior account management or director roles, dealing with a range of different clients. 

Our strategists are focused on producing long-term growth solutions and their responsibilities can be broken down into a number of key areas. These areas are not exhaustive.

Board Advisor

Businesses with a board of directors or an advisory board may need someone within their group who has specific marketing experience to help them navigate their way through growth challenges, new product launches or just general day-to-day business.

Strategy Development

Often companies need to realign their strategy with their current situation and getting professional objective support from external stakeholders can make a huge difference. Our Cemoh Strategists can build and develop both long-term and short-term strategies to achieve the required goals, and then help implement.

Business Owner Coaching

With SMEs and start-ups, the owners have technical skills related to their industry and often have no formal marketing training. Our Cemoh Strategists can coach and develop the business leaders so they are better equipped to make key marketing decisions.

Team Upskilling

With small marketing teams, there is often little or no training available due to time and budget constraints. Our Cemoh Strategists can support internal teams with their own personal development, upskilling them within areas that will support the business in the long term.

Project Management

Within most marketing strategies there are often large-scale projects that require a skilled hand ensuring they are delivered in a timely manner and under budget. Our Cemoh Strategists have expertise in project managing new websites, CRM implementation, marketing automation activation and more.

Data Analytics

Big data often causes big problems. With a large volume of data available, interpreting it is a skilled job. Our Cemoh Strategists can take information from multiple marketing sources and help develop a broad understanding of what that data means to your business and to your ongoing decision making. 

Our Cemoh Strategists are available on a minimum of 3-month contracts. If you’re looking for support in one or more of these areas, please contact us now.

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