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Cemoh Outsourced Marketing Experts

niwra kretzchmann digital marketer

Niwra (Ni) Kretzchmann

  •   Digital Strategist

    Originally from Brazil, Ni is a senior marketer with 10 years of experience across various industries, with a strong digital focus.

  • Industries

    eCommerce, Hospitality, Retail

James Desilets Cemoh

James Desilets

  •   Copywriter

    A creative copywriter with a passion for sustainability, James can add flair to any copy – from corporate website copy to technical brochures.

  • Industries

    Finance, FMCG, Health

Zendi De Coning Cemoh Marketing Consultant

Zendi De Coning

  •   Marketing Strategist

    Zendi is a marketing professional with 16 years’ experience in management roles and in managing complex marketing teams.

  • Industries

    Airlines/Aviation, Arts & Entertainment, Hospitality

Guy Stockwell Cemoh Marketing Consultant

Guy Stockwell

  •   Digital Manager

    Guy is to digital marketing what Gordon Ramsey is to cooking. But with less swearing.

  • Industries

    eCommerce, Professional Services

Simon Dell

Simon Dell

  •   Marketing Strategist

    After kicking off his marketing career in the beer industry, Simon has worked with 100s of brands across Australia and is now the CEO of Cemoh.

  • Industries

    Aged Care, eCommerce, Hospitality

matthew clarkson cemoh

Matthew Clarkson

  •   Marketing Strategist

    Data guru, software dev, marketer…the list of talents goes on. And on. And on. Much like his cycling stories.

  • Industries

    eCommerce, Gaming, Retail