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Cemoh Outsourced Marketing Experts

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Thomas Troy

  •   Photographer

    An experienced and passionate photographer, videographer and editor that loves working in the corporate space alongside small business owners.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Health, Tourism & Travel

Suzan Ryan 1 e1642491647628

Suzan Ryan

  •   Copywriter

    I create awareness, interest, engagement, and cut-through in your communications and marketing. I am personable, adaptable and collaborative.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Government, Not For Profit

IMG 1561 DesignHeadshots byGabrielDubler

Molly Border

  •   Graphic Designer

    A recent graduate of QUT in Interactive and Visual Design. Molly is keen to build on her studies and experience to expand her skill set.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Fashion, Retail

Matt Wallis

Matt Wallis

  •   Content Creator

    The traditional way of doing things isn’t always the best option. Occasionally, rules are there to be broken. I break them!

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, News & Media, Start Ups

Ed Bahadori

Ed Bahadori

  •   Copywriter

    Bringing skilful writing and storytelling to the world of commercial writing.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Tourism & Travel

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Daniel Blachman

  •   Marketing Manager

    English/French all-round marketer with experience in international companies. Friendly, adaptable, precise and a great sense of humour.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Technology