Marketing Tips For Business Owners Video Series

A comprehensive guide to effectively leverage your marketing and drive more businesses. 

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The Marketing Tips For Business Owners Video Series will cover:

  • Step-by-step guide: How to Build a Killer Marketing Plan that works
  • Practical tactics to capture and nurture leads
  • How to measure customer engagement to shape their attitude and convert this into behaviour
  • How to apply the Marketing Funnel to get more customers and increase revenue

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Why should I sign up for this Video Series?

  • You will get a detailed explanation of the marketing models to truly understand how it works
  • The series is packed with real-life examples to help you apply the marketing principles to real business contexts and achieve results
  • You will get one video a day for six days. You can either watch one video every day or watch all of them at once!
  • This Video Series is absolutely Free. Just sharing some free knowledge to help you leverage your marketing. Keep us in mind next time you need marketing help!

Simon Dell Marketing Tips To Grow Your Hyper-local Business Free Download Ebook Cemoh

About the speaker

Simon Dell is the co-founder and CEO of Cemoh, a company that delivers marketing staff and services on-demand. Being in the Marketing field for 20+ years, Simon’s core experience includes:

  • Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Analytics & Webmasters, SEO, Marketing Automation & Content Generation)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Business Leadership
  • Creative Direction & Innovation
  • Brand Management

Over the last six years he has delivered talks and speeches for major organisations across Australia on the impact and uses of social media, technology, strategic marketing and branding.

Need a hand with marketing?

Cemoh delivers the people you need to help transform your business from striving to thriving.

One of the biggest challenges for all businesses, large or small, is marketing: finding the right people to develop strategy, implement tactical plans and support internal people within the organisation with upskilling and development.

That’s why we created Cemoh.

Cemoh is a hybrid between a marketing agency and a recruitment company – we’ve been compared to “Tinder for marketing experts”.

Our outsourced marketing model allows you to find a reputable marketing expert with experience and knowledge in your industry, and employ them on a short-term (one day a week for three months) or long-term (full-time for twelve months).

Cemohs remain employed by us at all times – we cover their salary, holiday, superannuation and insurance. We continue to train them, track their progress against KPIs and make sure they’re happy and healthy.

But they work for you, in your business, becoming a valuable member of your team.

Marketing Tips To Grow Your Hyper-local Business Free Download Ebook Cemoh

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