Our Cemohs Servicing Food & Beverage

Backed with a network of talented support, our Cemohs implement a well-developed strategic plan created to take your business to the next level.

Nick K

  •   Videographer

    Nick is an obsessive camera nerd and video creative. He works with brands and agencies to create stand-out with thumb-scroll-stopping video content.

  • Industries

    Education, Food & Beverage, Professional Services

Maria C

  •   Graphic Designer

    Maria is a Senior with experience in Digital, Print, and Freelance Services.

  • Industries

    Beauty, Food & Beverage, Real Estate

Nathalie P

  •   Marketing Coordinator

    Nathalie has a Master’s degree in Marketing and over four years of experience in various industries

  • Industries

    Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Technology

Jovana Saul

  •   Digital Manager

    A Senior Digital Marketer with over 10 years of experience, working with clients across various stages of their digital transformation journeys.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Tourism & Travel