Our Cemohs Servicing Fashion

Backed with a network of talented support, our Cemohs implement a well-developed strategic plan created to take your business to the next level.

Wayne D

  •   Photographer

    Wayne is a creative and experienced photographer specialising in people, products, branding, and architecture.

  • Industries

    Construction, Fashion

Samantha K

  •   Copywriter

    Samantha has been working as a freelance copy and editorial writer for over 50 clients across disparate industries.

  • Industries

    Fashion, Real Estate, Tourism & Travel

Zoe T

  •   Copywriter

    Zoe is an experienced creative copywriter, social media and marketing manager. She is adept at understanding a brief to deliver successful outcomes.

  • Industries

    Education, Fashion, Hospitality

Molly B

  •   Graphic Designer

    A recent graduate of QUT in Interactive and Visual Design. Molly is keen to build on her studies and experience to expand her skill set.

  • Industries

    Arts & Entertainment, Fashion, Retail