Zendi De Coning Cemoh Marketing Consultant

Zendi De Coning

Zendi is a marketing professional with 16 years' experience in management roles and in managing complex marketing teams.

  • Cemoh Type
    Marketing Strategist
  • Location
    Gold Coast


With 16 years’ experience in management roles; managing complex marketing teams, projects and budgets. Her varied experience has provided Zendi with a deep understanding of marketing, communications and events.

Her career began in Dubai where she spent 12 years working with 3 of the region’s leading Mega Brands: Emirates NBD, Etihad Airways and Jumeirah Hospitality Group. Working in Dubai has made Zendi versatile, open-minded and afforded her the opportunity to grow her skillset in a global sense.

Her tenure in multifaceted roles has helped her to gain experience above and beyond the fundamental marketing proficiencies. Her experience provides a holistic understanding of the Sales and Marketing ecosystem, this often helps her spot untapped opportunities and solutions to problems.

Zendi believes that it is important as a marketer to ‘get your hands dirty’ and always keep learning.

“Although I have experience in working with large budgets, I also believe that you don’t need huge budgets to generate great results. I have a strong tendency to seek out innovations and initiatives.”


IQ Capital Group
Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Planning, execution, and budgetary control of all marketing activity
  • Set up digital advertising campaigns, targeted for lead conversions and brand engagement
  • Website management and analytics
  • Creation of processes maps to capture prospects in a sales funnel
  • Evaluation of customer research, market conditions and competitor advertising
  • Corporate communications, both internal and external as well as sales EDMS’s

AMMA Private Equity
Group Marketing Director

Tasked to support raising capital for the start-up investment projects – across 4 regions as well as supporting a diverse range of investment projects across six brands the group manages.


  • Produce and distribute content for investor communications and capital raising
  • Oversee events department and liaise with 15 Equity Advisors to deliver events; 150+ member firms
  • Manage marketing team, corporate gifts, branded collaterals and all marketing deliverables
  • Implement group brand guidelines
  • Improve design capacity, and introduced ‘brief pipeline’ to manage multiple deliverables and ad hoc requests on deadline
  • Conduct project presentations at large annual conferences.


  • Develop & implement brand strategy for 4 new projects, including international projects based out of the USA and UK
  • Manage launch events for several investment projects with sporting and music celebrities
  • Provide extensive in-house marketing support to various projects: Guvera, Kwickie, BNDR, Dragonfli, Mi-HQ, Tapp Commerce, KwikTV and STREAM Live

Emirates NBD
Sponsorship and Events Manager

Promoted local brand awareness with the aim of global expansion increased brand recall and consumer interest.

Brand Sponsorship Strategy

  • Designed campaigns that generated direct brand engagement
  • Accountable for $20M budgets
  • Negotiated av. 10% annualised contract savings
  • Increased ROI by identifying new rights and benefits across assets
  • Managed 360′ execution of over 20 large scale brand sponsorship campaigns annually
  • Achieved increased direct engagement from 600 to 5000 participants – Dubai Desert Classic
  • Responsible for all group branded corporate gifts, merchandise and inventory

Events Management

  • New workflow process to increase efficiency, improve brand alignment and ROI measurement
  • Led development of annual events calendar for all group departments (14)
  • Methodical event design, correlating event objectives, customer profiles and value addition
  • Introduced enhanced practices for branding collaterals inventory management
  • Grew the corporate stock lounges and marketing display elements
  • Built a branding kit across segments to reinforce strict compliance to brand guidelines


  • Digital and Social Advertising
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Brand Activation
  • Business Development
  • Event Management
  • Customer Service
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis


Branding Content Marketing Facebook Ads Management Google Ads Management Instagram Ads Management Creative Landing Pages

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