Zach Tunney

Zach is a filmmaker with a passion for the outdoors and the arts. He supports clients to create unique & memorable video content in diverse settings.

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    Brisbane, Queensland


Zach is an experienced videographer and editor, with a long-held passion for creating meaningful content across a range of industries.

Zach’s experience is primarily as a freelancer using a Canon R6 as his primary camera. He has worked with a diverse set of clients to create content for social media, and political marketing campaigns.

He has also worked in an agency environment, working closely with well-known Australian names, including Australian test cricketer captain Pat Cummins, Australian cricketer Steve Smith, The Croc Wrangler Matt Wright and Bondi Vet.

Zach has over ten years of editing experience and has completed videography studies at a tertiary level.


VA Media
Social Video Producer

Working with a diverse range of clients such as Bondi Vet, Pat Cummins, Steve Smith, and Matt Wright, Zach was responsible for Social Media video production, editing, and scheduling on Youtube and Facebook. Managing a small team to create Social Media strategies for every client and achieving growth across all channels including 83.4% revenue increase for Bondi Vet within 6 months and 195,000 subscribers for the new Pat Cummin’s YouTube channel.


  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Videography


  • Diploma Screen and Media

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