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Vinnie Romano

A 15-year Ad industry veteran, Vinnie has worked in C-level roles with big brands, big agencies and big companies across Europe & APAC.

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Vinnie Romano has been an advisor for business leaders across EU and APAC to prove marketing ROI through tailored content, automation, data and seamless UX, specifically, Vinnie coaches:

Marketers to deliver better qualified leads to their sales teams
Sales teams to market themselves earlier in the prospect's decision-making process

When you combine these elements (and get them right) - growth accelerates.



  • Leading and supporting the next phase in organisations’ evolution, by providing commercial acumen, highly skilled digital marketing expertise and strong
    sales leadership in an always-on fashion.
  • With a strong planning and business process focus, this is a highly visible and performance-driven role serving as the ‘engine’ for the business as a whole with
    accountability for the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions, with an overarching emphasis on customer experience and user journey.
  • My consultation expertise is in the area of client/customer acquisition and retention. The main methods of which cover:
    • Company and Personal/Professional Branding for both the organisation and the key leaders within it.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) knowledge across multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) through first-hand experience.
    • User experience design.
    • Staff training for new platforms, integrations, strategies and digital transformation.
    • Demand Generation strategy/Discovery Workshop
    • Marketing Automation/Inbound Marketing


  • Core function – New business and top-line strategic relationship lead: C
    Suite level.
  • Creating content and designing workflows for tech enterprise businesses
    throughout all of APAC and financial clients across ANZ.
  • Tech clients: Samsung, Canon, Lenovo, DellEMC
  • Financial clients: Westpac, St George’s Bank, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne
  • Snack Food clients: Kellogg’s, Doritos
  • Building relationships and converting them into retainers.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy

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