Sylvia Gett

A results-driven and solutions focused marketing and communications expert and highly experienced engagement leader.

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    Marketing Strategist
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I am a result-driven, solution focused, evidence based, experienced marketing, communication and engagement leader and supporter. I focus on building strong professional relationships, internal and external to an organisation, that can be leveraged to ensure strategic results. I will never ask a team member to perform a task that I would not do myself. I have more than 19 years experience in marketing, communication and engagement roles within the tourism, education and not-for-profit sectors. While I am a strategic thinker, I am also a ‘doer’ and believe that you are never too good for the grunt work.


Australian cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF)
National Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Responsibility for all corporate partnerships as well as sponsorship agreements.
  • Development and execution of ACCF’s national marketing and communication strategy for effective engagement strategies.
  • Project lead for the communication of ACCF’s Strategic Vision to all internal and external stakeholders including an integrated fundraising strategy for organisation sustainability.
  • Responsibility for growing all internal and external communication channels including website, EDMs, social media, corporate publications and events in order to build loyalty and engagement to expand the ACCF supporter base.
  • Key relationship manager with Federal and State Government health bodies as well as with other women’s health organisations.
  • Project lead for National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (annual basis) including planning and delivery of all key media, PR activities and events.
University of Southern Queensland
Associate Director (Engagement Strategy)
  • Providing strategic advice, support and expertise in leveraging relationships with business, industry and community stakeholders to elevate and translate early ideas development and leads into strategic mutual benefit for both parties.
  • Developing strategic relationships with business, industry and community stakeholders.
  • Developing best practice engagement strategy and policy with USQ communities.
  • Supporting the University in delivering meaningful engagement across a variety of complex projects, and developing, e
University of Southern Queensland
Executive Director (Marketing and Student Attraction)
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining marketing strategy, including initiatives such as brand management, market research, effective delivery of professional marketing services and domestic recruitment and admissions. While in this position, I directed and managed the provision of high-quality domestic marketing and student attraction initiatives and provided high level advice to the Senior Executives in planning, strategic direction, budget and resources management in a changing industry and market environment. This included: Meeting all agreed budget targets; cultivating an organisational climate that values personal growth as a key to individual, team and organisational success and places importance on shared learning; participating on committees and working parties appropriate to functional areas, and representing the University in internal and external forms as required; managing event management, website, market research, brand management, advertising and school engagement teams.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting

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