Reuben Stewart-Kneipp

Reuben is a talented, full-stack creative. He specialises in graphic design, vector illustration, branding and e-Commerce.

  • Cemoh Type
    Graphic Designer
  • Location
    Brisbane, Queensland


Reuben Stewart-Kneipp is an out-of-the-box creative who uses his unique take and innovative mind to solve your creative problems.

He is a full visual stack designer and can be a one-stop shop for burgeoning brands to have on board when a tight crew is required.

Reuben specialises in bringing a brand or project to life from thin air and has the creative agility to solve almost any design, e-commerce or branding problem that you may face. Especially in the fields of fashion, entertainment, and e-commerce of which he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

He has a naturally illustrative and stylised form of work but is flexible enough creatively to tackle almost any style, be it illustrative and stylised or conservative and low-key.

He has been freelancing full-time for two years and part-time for four, allowing him to be exposed to numerous clients spanning the entire gambit, from custom illustrated full-size vinyl vehicle wraps to e-commerce websites, building fashion and streetwear brands, full-brand strategies for start-up businesses and everything in between.

He also has his own fashion brand Mizu Skate Co. which he has built from the ground up and has garnered a loyal following and subculture attached to it.


Art Lead/Graphic Designer

Through his freelance services, Reuben acquired a position as lead artist and creative consultant in the startup NFT company AI Surfers, there were two artists employed and a small business collective of investors. Reuben was in charge of overseeing the creative direction, designing half of the characters and consulting in the general development of all major creative assets.

Reubensk Designs/Mizu Skate Co.
Freelance Graphic Designer / Small Business Owner

In 2019, Reuben decided to turn all his efforts towards doing only graphic design, illustration, and creative work full-time and during these recent years, he’s had the joy of working with a range of clients and has expanded his skills, and most importantly his creative flexibility.

Reuben has created his own extreme rollerblading merchandise and artisan product company celebrating the real culture of street rollerblading in Australia and the world.

Gourmet Afrika
Graphic Designer

Reuben spent four years working with Gourmet Afrika to create and publish their graphic design, advertising and company catalogue.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Ecommerce
  • Graphic Design


  • Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design

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